The core competitiveness of the

because the only real solution to the user, allowing users to rely on the website is the real success of the website. Those who do not win by technology, the real user experience website and how to keep the user, how can you deal with the user, to bring profit for you? We need to clear our core competitiveness where I do website? How can we transcend the old site, because it is obvious that the old the website has advantage over the new station, we need to counter attack. If the same as the old site of the operation, is certainly competitive but the old site, the user will not of our interest.

is built to do counter attack under the free charges premise, alone had a recognized market free, you say you do not charge that does not have any meaning. For example, an original charge market, name card design of the industry, itself is free, but you can find other ways to earn money, you can design this link name card for free. If you do this first, undoubtedly will be the leader of this industry. Because whether it is from the technical perspective or experience point of view, it will be the same. Just in front of said search engine right back to the user, your ranking in the tenth place, users see in front of all charges, and you said you are free. People will click on your website, users will also continue to your website, your website ranking will naturally increase, this free will become a core competitiveness.

Of course

is now the Shanghai dragon has been more and more from technology to art stage, along with the development of search engine is becoming more and more mature, most of the search engines have the right to vote is returned to the user. So fight technology in long past, relying on the powerful search engine technology Shanghai Longfeng rape era has passed, a few years ago. The content is king, the chain for the emperor now also disappeared. If the content is king, the chain for the emperor has been in the past, what is it instead? Is also very obvious, the search engine with the vote to the user, is the better user experience site naturally can get good rankings, so when we are running the site must want to understand one thing, that is the core competitiveness of your site in

that is now than you.

: the Internet is the biggest free, free to rise to many companies. Such as Taobao, Taobao has been able to win, I believe that free is a great driving force. Free anti-virus software created a 360, maybe the Internet is a basic service, many things are free, but a lot of things we want to see the value of free, we can free, otherwise it will be like Ma Yun said, today you still dare to free, love Shanghai, Ali, Tencent to help you die. Free the value beyond the best is 360360 software is free, the browser is not profitable, until the navigation site here is the charge. Then a big search engine, this vision is not an ordinary person can have.



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