in Shanghai Webmaster Platform high-end Shanghai dragon club first salon, love Shanghai LEE said: "the link is sincere promotion website, if there is the exchange of interests, the search engine will identify" love Shanghai "to exchange links" based on the exchange of interests, not yigunzidasi.

exchange Links still useful? To answer this question, must also be from the search engine of Links (the reciprocal links) publicly judged.

in October 23rd this year, the chain algorithm in patchnotes, love Shanghai also clearly said: "the main object to combat the intention of manipulating website in Shanghai love search results ranking behavior by hyperlinks to cheat in the exams…… Not recommended the significance of the exchange links etc.".

in the fight against "excessive exchange links" at the same time, all search engines are aware of, "mutual benefit" is the most ingrained deep psychological concept, to completely eliminate the "link" is impossible.

not only that, when it comes to web page recommendation form, love Shanghai "search engine optimization guide 2" also said: "when the content on your site to the user.

2008 Matt Cutts website external links issue said in an interview: "reciprocal link itself is not what error. Webmaster and other corporate partners or websites for mutually beneficial transactions, this is normal. It is important to note that reciprocal links only accounts for a small part in the website all external links, can not become a website all external links are all in exchange for".


a friend in my blog asking said: "now there is no exchange Links?" this is a common question that many webmaster, Shanghai dragon ER.

proved the search engine on the "manipulation website keyword search engine ranking" and "excessive exchange links" is not a private hospital in Shanghai, Kunming Weakness lends wings to rumours. – Dragon ER told me: for fast promotion website love Shanghai search rankings, Links really awesome, a less competitive home key, as long as write the page title tag (Title), have the keywords of the anchor text Links, most within a few days increased significantly. So they provided, 1 Links equal to 10 the chain, his hands have more than 30 medical Links exchange QQ group.

September 2012, Google Chinese webmaster blog in answer to "what is spam links or low quality links" for example: "reciprocal links or link exchange (such as the link to me, I’ll link to you") is an important form of too much "is" spam links or low quality link performance. In "how to get high quality website links" blog, Google once again stressed that "the purchase page level transfer links or random exchange links is the most feasible way to collect links".

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