we all know that the user experience is the core of search engine optimization, in order to better meet user experience, search engine users search keywords for automatic segmentation and matching, will be presented with the user search related content, so to fully consider the search engine grab the word and word principle Title home, according to this principle can fully will we need to optimize the layout of key words in title. In the title settings you need to pay attention to is the use of septum breaks, we usually use such as & vertical bar, symbols and so on, but the need to observe whether the search engine using the identified septum character, especially the foreign site title settings for the use of symbols in the | before and after adding a blank, the search engine can to retrieve the complete title stack, remember the words. This type of supposed to set up Description, you first need to understand what is the purpose of using Description? As the search engine for the keyword, reduce the weight given by Description, keyword, Description, as in the past is not just to increase the density of keywords to layout. Description now uses more is to provide a reference for users. The show is a kind of user experience, the Description allows users to quickly understand the theme of the site. In order to meet the demand of the user experience under the I also can be in all our keywords layout optimization, can increase the site keyword density.


first, follow the principle of setting up title, meta search.


station is Shanghai Longfeng adjustment optimization essence, what is the purpose of adjusting adjustment station, station is "what"? The station adjustment can be said to be a technology, it is a set of optimized website for a spider to grab the search engine principle, if the search engine is a dictionary then, the principle of grasping as compiling dictionaries and norms, how to participate in the website optimization is the dictionary editor of the editors, want your website to be included in the search engine so the premise is that you set up a website is in line with the specification of search engines. Web site settings can be said to be good at website optimization. On the site of the station adjustment, I think every Shanghai Longfeng webmaster has a part of their theory, but I want to say is that it is the theory of theory. The essence of station optimization or we need to practice, constantly sum up the actual operation in the project, so as to form our unique understanding and insights. Then I combine my knowledge of the station adjustment to share with everyone on the website optimization adjustment tips to share, hope that we can help.

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