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want to get good included, need to annotate the anchor text, let search engine to quickly find relevant anchor text links. When add anchor text, we usually use bold, italics, H1…… H6 labels with attached to this link, the same spider will also pay more attention to the anchor text. Keywords of the anchor text of the label, both increase the attention of the search engines, for the user, can also cause concern. Three,

The anchor text in the article

and the length of the anchor text

, anchor text

the length is too short, is not conducive to the website optimization. The article is too long the user will lose interest in reading, the article is too short, the search engine spider will not find the core keywords related. If the site article is very long, and the anchor text number too much, it will reduce the spider on the website of the articles do not trust, it can’t be better to be a spider crawling, the same weight to the anchor text is more eligible and know. So the website article length needs to be controlled in a reasonable range. At the same time, the anchor text in the number should not be too much.

good anchor text into a good article, the effect will be more obvious. So you want to anchor text has a good effect, you need to create the quality of website. This article is not collected, so the user experience of the website is not good. A good article need the ingenious fusion, and joined the author’s own point of view, the keywords you want to optimize the reasonable setting on the site in the article. When you reprint articles or false original article, in this article we >

Four, the quality of

two, the anchor text in the form of

network. The anchor text is one of the many webmaster released the way of the chain, the anchor text of the chain has been released by the majority of owners welcome. Because the anchor text links on the website of the weight and the import flow plays a very important role. The chain is released, the main way is to link anchor text. You want to do website optimization, you need to set the anchor text to the website, so what is the anchor text set

anchor text mainly appeared in the website articles, many webmaster can add in the first paragraph of the article. Or in each section of the article is the anchor text related settings, to achieve the best effect of website optimization. Maybe the weight website over time and ranking will reach a good result, but once the search engine spiders found, will think sites are suspected of cheating, will be observed and tested for a long time, this optimization is very unfavorable to the website. In fact, the site of the anchor text to show natural in the article, the anchor text in the website is more valued by the spider, the anchor text or with the best fit of the content is not what the anchor text is more likely to be despised by the spider.

Text how to do web site optimization

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