chain mainly to vote their own website, exposure can promote the web page included. A website to be included ", there is a path to guide the search engine spiders to climb, when your website optimization arrangement, the chain can promote your web site, there have included rankings, ranking is likely to bring traffic,


third site outside the chain address

in website optimization, we must carry on the station optimization and stood outside optimization, site optimization site optimization, website code optimization, website optimization and so on, outside the station optimization for Links branch exchange, the chain blog culture forum outside the chain, the station optimization and stood outside optimization occupy a certain position in optimization the site, both are indispensable, to optimize the station today mainly discuss. Outside the station optimization that is simple to someone else’s site leave your site, let the search engine spiders when we visit other sites along the left. We climbed into the internal website. The chain now is not good, with the understanding of the webmaster website optimization, many are responsible for their own website owners will not allow other people to send the website on my website, so now on how to site outside the chain.

site outside the chain is not the more the better, such as a web site 100 chain, the 100 chain in assuming that there are 50 different domain name chain, another website has 100 different domain name of the site outside the chain, so in the same conditions, the 100 has a different domain name chain the website ranking will be better than only 50 different domain name website ranking, because the domain name proxy, different domain name on behalf of different voting, the 100 vote is certainly better than the 50 vote. We don’t know the reason, at the same site has been publishing web site when the construction site outside the chain, it is only one vote, a waste of time.

first we must first understand the role of

fourth site outside the chain release principle

we must first according to their site of the industry, according to the correlation of priority to find the target site, followed by the screening of these sites have selected weight high traffic sites, such sites can be their own site to improve the weight, flow will have a user access, and finally released the first form of the first principle, then the anchor text >


a lot of chain construction personnel in the construction site outside the chain of love to the home page as the target address, and that is not good, if coupled with the anchor text is the same, you will be in a certain period of time to search engine as cheating leads to the target keyword ranking dropped by K home page, so when the anchor chain the text in the production of the target keyword must constantly transform, the target address will take home into the page, the internal page here is not all web pages, page refers to some of the more important section of the page, channel page.

second site outside the chain is not the more the better

site outside the chain in website optimizationThe

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