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said the chain are all very headache, hanging in the mouth every day how to do outside the chain of high quality? That is what Links, soft link, raise the weight of good blog links. I think these people are clear, the key is how I can get the high quality of the chain resources, when you ask the question? I ask you: "are you ready?" Rome was not built in a day, whether it is soft outside the chain chain or blog. Kung Fu in the usual accumulation, not the long-term plan, only to learn Shanghai dragon in peacetime work or study. You are very difficult to learn, a Shanghai dragon is a very important resource accumulation. Not only is the chain resources, and human resources, write also don’t always practice day in and day out, cram.

refers to Sun Tzu classic sentence, the best way to beat the competitors: well aware of the situation of competitors. How to use in the Shanghai dragon above is the analysis of the web site data, analysis of this? I do not wordy natural, but it is emphasized that only the analysis of good website can do Shanghai dragon. In fact, the analysis process is done in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, most of them there is something wrong with the site, some have disease into paste, and some can save. For the present, is the lack of analysis of Shanghai dragon Er data capacity.


Hello, this is the third three Shanghai dragon series, written before the three Shanghai dragon series (a): three and three Shanghai dragon series (two): welcome Paizhuan borrow arrows with thatched boats. The author analysis today is the "Three Kingdoms" in the famous battle of Chibi. What are the reasons for the win? First of all, Cao Xi not battle, but from afar, the soldiers tired. Then, Cao Cao proud, before do not fully prepared, too underestimate the enemy, the results of the huanggai "gangster" fire ships. Finally, sun Liu coalition in the face of the enemy without fear of war, pumping long, skillfully created fire attack, The weak overcame the strong. brilliant record. Through this simple analysis, what inspiration and lessons for Shanghai dragon we

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second: the enemy awareness


twelve, Zhou Yu led the army to join Liu Bei in fankou. Then the upstream, to Chibi, to meet with the crossing is cao. Cao Jun was a plague epidemic, and the new navy and attached Jingzhou navy to run, morale is obviously insufficient, so the first navy defeated by Zhou Yu. Cao Cao had to leave the navy "to lead an army Jiangbei" and joined the ship on to the north side of Wulin, drill water, waiting for an opportunity. Zhou Yu is the ship docked in south side of Chibi, across the Yangtze River and Cao confrontation. Cao Cao was not accustomed to the northern soldiers by boat, then connect the ship tail, troops on board on.

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