Shanghai dragon

how much of your long tail keywords is equivalent to how much of your traffic sources, some friends of the target is within a year to break through many long tail keywords, also some friends of the target is a day from the long tail keywords to much traffic, users are not from your target keywords and, most of them are determined in the long tail and, as long as we have a lot of long tail keywords support we will have unlimited traffic sources.

how to tap the Shanghai dragon long tail keywords

The original infinite flow

to study others search using the search engine habits, I found a lot of people are looking for love in search problems, such as what the best slimming effect, which is Taobao’s best medicine reducing weight, problems like this search is what we do well at long tail keywords according to their search! To set the long tail keywords. We have long tail keywords traffic will Everfount.

long tail keywords advantage

said the long tail keywords to mining, can according to your web site keywords to mining the long tail keywords, such as your keywords are slimming slimming effect, so what is your long tail keywords, long tail keywords about diet pills are recorded, and then one by one to break. We can use the long tail keywords mining tools can also use their imagination to dig, stand in the search for people’s point of view to consider water they will search this words, if we put it to sit. Mining the long tail keywords many tools can be downloaded to the Internet, I will not say in detail.


search habits of Shanghai Yongqiang strong dragon long tail keywords

if you can find a large number of Shanghai dragon long tail keywords, you can say that your website profit would be expanded a lot. This is the Shanghai dragon where the power of the long tail keywords, long tail keywords in Shanghai Longfeng plays a vital role, the key lies in the long tail flow less than the number of open Oh ~ because we choose the target keyword index is limited, but if I have chosen 1000 no index long tail keywords we can confirm these 1000 long tail keywords of at least one day can bring us 300IP, because no index of long tail keywords is the most easy to optimize to the home page, some people do long tail to direct traffic, but also very successful.

infinite long tail keywords is equal to the source

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