3. Release and post content selection method of

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a lot of website promotion things more comprehensive, involving many types, so you can search for popular articles you have the product promotion on the Internet, or some professional articles, after their changes, reasonable smooth add enter keywords. Professional post to find the correlation plate or forum release, to avoid being deleted.

2. Different methods of

1. The main method of promotion of forum:

Forum promotion is one of the important means of network promotion, some people in the website promotion is to give their products advertising to increase in popularity, and now most of the webmaster through the forum is to promote only in order to increase the site outside the chain, in order to improve the website key word ranking purposes. Today I want to discuss some key points about the promotion of forum and everyone:

website forum is to produce their own or customized, in order to prevent the wanton advertisements or some Trojan link, the administrators of limited release with text links, such as the Sina forum, do not let send hyperlinks. So in some large portal forum or industry forum to do when the chain construction must carefully check whether the chain will be released effectively, characteristics of the forum set up a special document record, to avoid doing a lot of useless in daily promotion work. Also established guidelines indirectly for you.

chain in different forumsMany large

too many webmaster articles published in global forum, especially as the station network, behind these professional forum webmaster forums, you publish information on the forum can also try to help others solve some problems, some problems involved in the discussion, to establish friendly relations with others, share some resources or other websites, do friends chain, can indirectly save yourself a lot of time and energy, to achieve a multiplier effect promotion forum.

The original

4. Through the forum networking resources

forum to promote the main way to increase the chain of basic to the post, replies, forum signature based. At the same time the post title to striking attract people, browse more people, reply to many people, your posts will be kept in the plate home, is conducive to spider crawling. Post content to bring out reasonable with website keyword hyperlinks. If the forum can set the signature, you must set up with keyword hyperlinks in your signature, you also virtually increase the site outside the chain, can no longer send hyperlinks to reply, and will not be regarded as a pure advertisement is deleted. Some forums are not allowed to send hyperlink posts or BBS signature external chain is invalid, you view the message source in the post to see whether there is a web site you can see, what the JS calls, not at all.

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