Title:2013 summer Daphne counter genuine waterproof Taiwan fish mouth Sandals – fish mouth Sandals – * * * mall network


search engine on the web page of the webmaster should grasp mechanism further, spider from meta tags website can detect, see the web page is a unique element tag, and then determine whether a site has to repeat the same page. With the search engine algorithm to enhance the evolution of Title Meta tags is particularly important, the web page can have good title can get more long tail keywords flow, the examples to share different industry site title writing skills.

The small and medium-sized enterprise website title

mall site also ushered in the peak of summer approaching, cool summer sandals become essential products, whether it is independent of the Taobao store or mall site, users will search relevant keywords to find the corresponding products. Sandals can be divided into the fish mouth shoes, wedge heels, flat heels etc. according to the classification, the female market popular brands include Daphne, Tata, BELLE, Saturday, potential customers can accept the price in the majority within 100, after analyzing the product information industry, the product can be described as following: Title

mall site title

analysis: the company main products are formaldehyde, the classification of display products, then the range of products applicable to explain, finally add the enterprise brand. Potential users are concerned about what are the enterprise products, these products have any effect, which can be used in the website, should try to solve the needs of users, so as to bring the long tail keywords flow to the site. This kind of enterprise site is mainly done nationwide, for some enterprises to find a more accurate customer, can join the regional keywords in the title, for some possible door-to-door service >

product description

Title: formaldehyde scavenger _ formaldehyde governance _ decoration pollution control _ indoor air purification -*** environmental protection formaldehyde removal expert

with excellent development of the Internet, but also to break the traditional marketing network marketing of small and medium-sized enterprises, to obtain more potential customers, small and medium-sized enterprise website title description is more and more to highlight the company’s main product, which is not only a characteristic of a product. Such as formaldehyde pollution in environmental management of enterprises, the main products for the description of formaldehyde.

analysis: the above title highlights the rise time, the product brand, product types, such as shape, while the title plus categories, mall brand name, product performance parameters can highlight the product characteristics in more detail, the user through the search key word "Daphne fish mouth sandals" brought traffic may be the precise flow, so that the flow of the conversion rate is very high. At the same time, plus the classification list can give users search more similar products, plus the mall brand mall itself can improve the visibility and brand building.

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