the operation way travel together, in order to facilitate the reader more intuitive reading, will be the site for example, for readers to share how small and medium-sized tourism website optimization. Readers can also see our optimization results and achievements. This article mainly carries on the analysis, from the keywords within the chain, content, structure, and other aspects of the five server code.

is the web site chain optimization logic structure optimization, pay attention to the principle of station of each page can not be isolated, must be in some other page you can click on the link to enter, so as to make the web site to form a network. The focus of the page, as far as possible the other page contains links, this is more conducive to the show and weight transfer. Focus on the page such as poly way travel, in line details page, page, hotel, car rental sites page page, page, page travel Raiders, news page, group purchase page is displayed, highlighted keywords.


content optimization is to optimize the content itself and content distribution.

Optimization of Keywords

station optimization points.

station optimization point three: content.

with love where Shanghai investment, Alibaba to invest in poor travel network, Ctrip, art dragon market changes the strategic transformation of small and medium-sized tourism website is facing more straitened environment. In addition to conventional bidding optimization, improve the user experience and search engine experience, small and medium sized tourism website must strengthen the part. Today is to share small and medium-sized tourism website main station optimization.

. Keywords tourism because of many small and medium-sized tourism website may not all keywords are covered, so we need to find the key to optimize the key words. The author suggests to use "to destination" as the core keywords expansion and optimization, so as to avoid direct competition with large travel website keywords. Such as poly travel way, our position is "Chengdu to domestic destinations," the long tail word can contain "eat, live, travel, shopping and entertainment and other aspects of tourism.


content itself is, according to the needs of users, to establish the corresponding content page or web pages do not create too much clutter > content pages.

Keywords type

distribution. Small and medium-sized tourism site is not uniform distribution of keywords to each page, because it is impossible for each keyword can be optimized. I recommend to pick a number of target keywords and website products are highly related, on the list page and page, click once arrived at the same time in the home page can (that is, in the home, and can show all) in other pages contain the page url. Keywords such as poly way travel picked up about more than 100 "Chengdu to various destinations" in the line list page and list the anchor text keywords these web pages on the home page.

station optimization point two: internal chain.

keyword optimization need to consider two factors, the first is the keyword type, second is the distribution of keywords.

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