we know, for these applications, most of the audience will naturally choose to launch the apple smart mobile end the market share and Android’s share had little difference, but WP is gradually marginalized, this seems to validate the thirty years Hedong, Hexi thirty years old.

to know that the Microsoft PC in the end because of its open that once dominated the graphic operating system apple collapsed, apple in the field of PC from all of a sudden become a very influential enterprises facing bankruptcy. Today, Microsoft seems to be in the mobile terminal repeat once the mistakes of apple. To know that the WP mobile terminal system also began to get angry in the field of artificial intelligence, after all that has PC system experience advantage, however, even in the Microsoft mobile systems continue to lag behind, of course, backward from consciousness too, not only did not catch up with apple iOS, and no more than Android, and gradually like NOKIA’s Symbian, become fellow sufferers.


WP powder have such idea, then to the official Apple store to protest, and some fans to the Alibaba’s website to protest, it is said that in just one day time, this protest has reached million layer above the floor, it seems a lot of WP powder expressed anger, then their anger should be to do

The reason

IT but for the circle of fans, it seems that the product of those who do not often have some Chinese popular personalized consumer attention, so WP is still in the world has achieved a certain sales, but its scale is obviously not to apple and Android system and system application of the system of analogy, of course under the platform very naturally the shortage of. So when Alipay announced support for Iwatch, many WP powder began to stand, but you know, if you choose loneliness, then you should go to enjoy. For Alipay application software, its purpose is to promote the launch.

In recent years

is that Alipay announced on the comprehensive and Iwatch system gives support to many functions such as operations on the mobile client devices, such as payment, prepaid and other derivative functions. This is for Alipay itself is a good thing, but because the Windows iPhone support has been successful, which can make the WP powder feel angry, want to know the application of WP has been there for several years, but it is not always able to use Alipay on WP, while Iwatch was born, has already been able to use this. For WP this a little favour one more than another.

in the it inside the circle, Apple really can be said to be a benchmark type of enterprise, let his rise once the NOKIA empire collapsed, Sony Ericsson came, even Motorola is now alive. So every time the advent of Apple’s new products will lead to rush into the market, in 2015 the first extreme interview Iwatch also have such treatment, but also because this treatment caused a slobber war.

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