in medical

is the site of the station optimization

first through a screenshot, the site of some of the basic situation of

: the website content, originality is very high, basically each article is exclusive original, because was done before the entity hospital, has a very solid foundation in the medical knowledge above, plus before mastering various cases of bedsore, slightly to finish, are endless original information in the article, the readability very high, not the general pseudo original articles than

website layout is very beautiful, very focused on website optimization, user experience degree reached a very high level, all kinds of color collocation and illustrations, giving a visual enjoyment for users to read


a) brand promotion, because before is an entity is > hospital.

A comprehensive overview of


we can through the above 2 screenshots, a general understanding of this site I told some of the basic situation, there is no doubt that this site is a bedsore medical website, at the same time, the station is just a love Shanghai period, is really a new station, and the related keywords go to love Shanghai home, for a new station, the medical sites are quite successful, so its success in which? The author to explain the following one or two



The station optimization


A: the I


this time for everyone to bring the actual explanation, is a through formal optimization on medical website, actually a lot of people in the medical website said, easy K, easy to love and harmony in Shanghai, this is just some words, because it is difficult to do, but will embody the strength and so, there is an old saying in optimization, okay, the level of

the past few days, happened to encounter love Shanghai on upgrading the hyperlink cheating algorithm, the influence of step spread, estimation of love Shanghai database is too large, when I write this article, still further upgrade algorithm to estimate the impact of diffusion, so I see in the webmaster forum about the update algorithm complain about the article, has become a hot topic of the moment, love Shanghai why each time the update algorithm, are so many people in the worry? The reason I Needless to say, we must know in my heart. Today, I bring you a through formal Shanghai dragon how to make new love Shanghai home, and in the last three months of the Shanghai love any algorithm update, are steadily ranking, hope in this critical time of turmoil, we can provide some experience for

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