did not record website

you take a look at the following two examples, the first one is not for the record, the record is second:

In order to confirm whether

but, overall, is a very good news, love Shanghai search engine rules in continuous optimization at the same time, also in the continuous search environment purification. Therefore, no matter whether this conjecture is true, not for the webmaster is a bad thing.

had a lot of friends talked about filing website and does not record whether there are differences in the love of Shanghai website optimization. Based on years of experience to judge Shanghai dragon, on the whole, and there is not much difference between the two. But recently the subtle rules seem to have a significant change.

really if speculation is, so for many webmaster, it will be a mixed blessing. Hi is the record site once given preferential treatment, it will virtually increase the weight and the site for the record ranking, either from the optimization or marketing, is an amazing thing. The worry is that the current site record is still in trouble, not only cumbersome, but also need a relatively long time of the audit, and for the number of sites also have more than one company, is a troublesome thing.

just because the site itself, Xiao Bian also found five of similar examples to compare the results found that 4 of them have the record of the site are in line for three days is included, and is without any optimization case, but there is no record of the site even by lifting the chain it is also relatively slow.

often go to some of the station network observation, is also found in the webmaster to reflect this situation. This consensus is that love Shanghai began to adjust the algorithm and the new algorithm for filing website, although in Shanghai Webmaster Platform no official find instructions.




included: no record of the site is not included; a record of the site is included on the day.

: Guangzhou website 贵族宝贝studstu贵族宝贝 (Guangzhou odd billion network technology Co., Ltd.), please keep the original link. Thank you

two website online time is on the same day, the first site is different, there is no record, second sites have the record. Two web content is relatively simple, no chain, no record of the site with the chain, there is no record of the site to do the chain.

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