talk about restoring the weights of the website, as Shanghai dragon Er, we need to understand that the site is down right because what causes, what kind of website optimization operation result website weight is reduced, it is necessary to understand the cause of the site was down the right, come to understand the weight of how to restore the site, this is more conducive to our the website of Shanghai dragon optimization understanding.


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on the site, sometimes in the website optimization process because of operational errors caused by search engine website drop right, site keywords included rankings completely disappeared, included in the site are also affected. In the face of web search engine drop right processing cup, as Shanghai dragon Er how do you solve the website search engine brings down the right consequences? How can we effectively improve and increase the site is down right after the website and keywords ranking

2, Robots file: for the search engines to crawl and grab the content of a web site, the first priority is to crawl and read robots files, search engine to determine which files can be captured according to robots documents, which documents can not be captured. If a site robots file repeatedly over a period of time to add and modify files in the directory and, when a search engine to crawl the website content, website robots file rules are not the same, the search engine will be confused, the site has been included in now included and included some banned, banned the content of the website, and now included, causing the site to search engines but also to give up has been included to >

most Er Shanghai dragon encounter sites to search engine drop right after all is blind, do not know how to deal with the problems down the right site, also do not know how to again increase the weight of the site, improve the site keywords ranking and included. The site is down right after these problems, a Shanghai dragon with his own personal experience Optimization and summary, and we chat site is down right after which can fast recovery site weight, improve the site keywords ranking and included.

website is search engine right down:

1, the website program template: give you a brief modification for example here, we some time ago on the Internet to find a free template for a website optimization website revision, as in the above website program found no vulnerabilities on the front line, the line on the website after every period of time will be the root directory in the above website has many PHP files and directories, delete and then automatically generated over a period of time, check on the site of the source program and the related file directory, also can not find a way to repair, but after it repeatedly delete and increase website search engine that is unstable the website is search engine drop right.

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