7. improper application account using a conversion is very low or no conversion keywords lead into high cost, should be combined with the analysis of business data, delete without transformation, the transformation of low reduction promotion efforts.

1. landing page links open promotion: promotion link path error or the website does not open, it should be checked in the promotion account page links, on site visit, suspend the promotion before the site returned to normal, to avoid waste and refuse to promote household.

2. extended the time and geographical setting errors caused by the waste of time: the promotion of general advertising and consulting staff to work time is consistent, the promotion of regional settings for the business area, can also be considered part of the surrounding area on the.

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6. bid: bid inflated advertising will lead to more waste, key account should be automatically combined with manual adjustment of price adjustment, check the key word ranking, manual adjustment ranked abnormal word. The main induction or click on a word, they will be automatically removed from the task, keep the manual adjustment of a certain frequency.

love to avoid the problem of

8.: invalid matching matching keywords completely independent and business is the main waste promotion advertising, should be widely negative for the corresponding key words, keywords in the keyword containing effective components, should give accurate negation.

Keywords: High

5. ads are malicious clicks: love Shanghai promotion according to the effect of payment, if the presence of malicious click may lead to promotion of waste, should automatically and manually combine shield suspicious IP, for the normal user search habit is not good, it is necessary to exclude. If repeated malicious clicks, should consider the associated with a direct interest in the competition, the best contact negotiation, in the full basis, when necessary to counter.

3. search brand word has others advertising: whether the brand is done by matching the key words or others show others advertising, should contact each other to delete words or words, to ensure their legitimate interests are not affected by the loss.

love Shanghai promotion account

love Shanghai promotion is a paid promotion model commonly used by enterprises at present, no matter be, all occupies a very large proportion in network marketing, pay more attention to nature. Love is not to live in Shanghai to promote, more rely on the accumulation of experience, different people may have different account operation experience. After all, the promotion personnel consciousness is very important, this is also an important factor in determining the ability of the Shanghai love promotion specialist.


4. promotional material containing forbidden words or false description: containing forbidden words will affect the account credibility, with the enterprise information does not match the description or common mistakes have serious impact on the promotion of quality.

should promote the process of Shanghai

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