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every day we love Shanghai, of course, should also be able to find love, now in Shanghai every day there will be real-time hot words different, but the real hot usually at a certain stage in the search number is very high, and the search results in the beginning but not so much. So how should we use the real-time

search volume keywords in real hot day tens of thousands more, according to the calculation of 30 thousand search volume, so you can click to see this video is probably around 3000, in the process of watching this video in memory. The impact of rolling subtitles will continue to watch the video, people are curious this web site is, want to know what to do, so there may be 1/3 to understand the 3000, then you can get more than 1000 of the flow through the video.


, of course, a friend will say, if curiosity ratio is not so high, how to do? It may not have 1000IP traffic, then we calculated for 1/10 people to open the site, it is more than 300 ip. Love every day in Shanghai is 10 time hot, if you do a video of each hot spot, even if there are 3 is successful, you can still get 10>

we search these words are often able to find the inside pages of video website, some video website page ranking also than text news page, mainly because of the weight of the video site itself is very high, some video sites outside the chain of all know, when we released a video on the video site description add a link to the ranking will be in their web page ranking before, this is the point we can use. We focus these real-time we can find the video, we downloaded from the video site after modification, the upload to another video site, we can download from the website to download video potatoes, we add subtitles rolling site, this process can be completed through the relevant software operation and then upload the video to youtube, the video title named real-time hot words as the core, so we included in Youku users search the video in realtime are generally able to see in the sea of love first page, do the premise is to grasp the good time, or others have you to do The early bird catches. That effect is just passable, you row in the front page of the difficulty increases, your exposure rate is low.

for the network marketing segment has a lot of, which is also one of the video marketing, video marketing if you do a good job is to get a lot of unexpected traffic. A video was used every more than 5000 IP brought by Youku to a site for a day, a video is assumed to be 10 more than 50 thousand of the traffic, of course, this is the theoretical data. So how to get a lot of traffic through the video website? Today Fanfan will share how through video sites to bring more traffic to their daily 1000ip.

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