for showing "what is the difference between" sponsored search entries and a direct advertising? According to the Google Corporation, if it is a direct advertising, then the contents of the layout and other aspects will be used by advertisers to deal with. But if it is a "sponsored" two word search entries, then the Google Corporation will have the right to decide how to layout the content will be.


we all know, the Google Corporation has always been paid search rejection. As early as 2001, Google has clearly expressed his position — never accept paid search. But the passage of time, Google ten years later began to slowly change the original idea, at least in part of the search for. According to Marketing Land reported last month, Google has already started to do some experimental search changes — including flight and hotel search.


users can see that "did change the search item on the edge of the upgrade sponsored" two words. Conventional advertising these will appear directly in the top of the page.

Google Corporation currently accepting fees for search flights, hotels and other financial products, will also join in. It also can make nothing of it. However, Google this move really let us see the change in a company of its core values.

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