is a new station, a short time to do a little bit small flow is not easy, this is a way I the novice webmaster use hot news flow, there are many methods, I will learn slowly, step by step.

I do not know after half an hour or an hour included included, anyway, I go to check the views of this article after two hours of the 28, as a new beginning of the station and the just included, I think there are 28 views is very considerable.





and I go to search for the next hot news today, which this article will be of interest to me, "this 64 jins weight variable metrosexual man" is the first Search Ranking, we just stand a plate is about APP, so I had to lose weight and fitness APP together, do a the title "9 tall fitness APP, you can lose 64 pounds, released after the variable metrosexual man" will soon be included.

I do is an information station, about internet marketing, in fact, this station is almost a year, has not it, so before has been the equivalent of a dead station, last month to start. At the beginning, it has not what effect, what did not flow in later thinking every day so much, people search volume is so high, why don’t I use it to get hot news articles to attract traffic


has many new Adsense are distressed, why my new station did not flow? I also like very tangled, traffic can not do it, do not effect. In fact, the traffic is really very simple, but a little, you will find a lot to make flow method. I am a novice webmaster, I use hot news every day to attract traffic, the effect is quite good

tigers Au 贵族宝贝hlm贵族宝贝 this is what I do in Shanghai Longfeng information stations, hope and predecessors exchanges, learn some experience.



in the title at the beginning and there are "64 jins weight variable metrosexual man" of the word, greatly deepened this article by the search probability, then the content inside or do I have to do fitness APP, so that the content and flow together to do. Then I searched through statistical data to search the word number in our website, data show that 24 times through this page in search.


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