forum in the construction of the chain weight more and more small, we should put the quality in the first place, rather than that based on the amount of irrigation. Because this is caused by the search engine hate, so we should meet with the search engine hobby, mainly the method of construction quality of the chain. The graduation design boutique network 贵族宝贝jpbysj贵族宝贝 original, reproduced please keep the source.

is to increase the weight to the site, however, the weight of BBS signature to the web site to the basic is very little, and this weight is still in decline stage. Why do you say that, first, the forum signature links flooding has caused dissatisfaction with the search engine. Second, there are too many respondents forum a more weight in the post below, even if there are some weights, will be assigned a large number of links to a point of sand, so the forum’s strategy is to win.

if we stay in a forum for hundreds of thousands of posts, as long as we have changed, the old are included posts we reply to the signature will all change. That is to say, we have left the signature link all was changed into left now signature links, and what is the impact on our site? A, the weight of the website is basically unchanged, we can also see the weight brought from this forum signature is basically negligible. Two, it can give new links to bring more opportunities to the spider crawling, although many posts are included, the spider crawling little again, but some can be crawling. The following is the experimental site, I have to look through the change of the forum signature effect:

chain construction we often don’t give up this piece of forum and the forum, there are many people used this signature, to the construction of the chain with this signature, after all, directly on the forum link easily removed, and the signature is acceptable. Then the real effect of BBS signature is? The author of a series of experiments were carried out for this, and some experience to share with everyone.

, a forum signature in the end there is no weight


look at the changes of love Shanghai anti chain, these increases are BBS signature of the chain, but this does not give the key words of ascension also did not give the weight of the website of ascension. It is the only advantage is that increases the probability of spider crawling. I have just changed the title of the website, also submitted to the search engine. But they always do not come included the new page, and the forum signature change had attracted spiders, while increasing the web site.


two, BBS signature change brought by

In fact, the main purpose of the construction of the chain of

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