webmaster friends, after the site built, began to promote, do a lot of chain back every day, the results of many pages still were not included, the amount included did not rise. He began to doubt his own doubts, search engine. Often this time is the most obvious problem, not on the outside, it is from inside. Is the so-called outward first, internal structure optimization for search engine optimization is crucial.

by the dynamic loading of large amounts, not conducive to search engines.

2. navigation settings:

try to apply the HTML text navigation, avoid the application of pictures and Flash as navigation. The same is very simple, and the above said the truth, as an important part of the internal navigation links, the easier it is to read out the better browser, avoid the application of niche label or language logo, to think of the user’s browser does not support once, there will be what kind of effect is also no need for me to say. So HTML text navigation is the best.

Easily confused a lot of people in the process of Some

first, we can see a snapshot of all web pages, you will find that all the JS will fail, this is normal, like a spider web traffic, printer, print the page will effect directly displayed down, that is to say, the spider is not simulated operation to your page so, once the page dynamic load too much, then there may be Spider print page blank effect, such as: petals net, the entire home always kept in loading, it is a blank snapshot. Secondly, Shanghai love think your site loading speed is slow, the adverse effect of the user experience is good, if your page set keyword, so good, these keywords your rankings are not very high, think also know how to love, Shanghai a user experience results in the front row.

, to the website optimization, website internal optimization is particularly important, but often the most easily overlooked.

host comment today and we have a simple analysis of the on site internal optimization part only.

1. the physical and logical structure:

In fact,

For example: "

for small site selection, maintenance is convenient; for large sites, tree structure clear logic, suitable.

Flat structure

3. internal links:

in the Shanghai dragon, constantly focused on Web data, there is no flow change, keyword ranking has not changed.

to do a lot of the chain, made a lot of posts, the effect is still not clear if it is more likely to lose confidence.

so, the host comment summed up some relevant internal optimization need to pay attention to:

this is reflected in many large websites, you will find many articles inside some keywords are done will link at the site of a section, then, this is the internal links, to do "

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