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Links promotion

external links function is to promote the PR value and weight, ranking. Use of the local forum outside the chain, will soon be included in the love of Shanghai. The article below paste link to speed up the website collect, can increase website traffic. Some personal experience, just 2 days on the website issued a 2 article, and then the laggards, a push and other contributors to the forum, publish original articles in A5. Love Shanghai Statistics recently observed, PV is from 60 to 170, two days. There are several was rated an essence, it is impossible to a willing heart! There is the station in individual settings in the anchor text, answer with links are outside the chain method. Using the method of setting anchor text in the forum is also very effective.

the original article to do network promotion

by the hair of the chain

new station to website optimization, as well as many novice webmaster. To the pre promotion, later website weight and traffic will grow. The flexible use of promotion methods, key priorities is to unremittingly promote their own websites, the chain increases, to promote their site ranking.

Shanghai dragon

it should be each stationmaster most familiar, and most have a headache, the new general weight high website won’t talk to you, only to find their own website to matching and Links, also through the forum to do friendship. For a web site, Links is one of the best ways to promote PageRank, some people rely on the chain to buy high weights to elevate the PR value. Links must control the growth rate of the new station, generally around 50 can be, plus their industry links is the best. For example, a clothing sale, help others link about network marketing, it will be that the layman to spider expert, the natural Links has little effect.

To improve the ranking

for the webmaster, do what the website ranked at home for the heavy, high-quality website, always need to constantly promote and their operations. In the various sites stand case. The Shanghai dragon in person, each stationmaster is hard, especially new sites, the promotion is essential, but stick to. A new station in early often included is not obvious, so what to rely on to enhance the site PR, snapshot, included? Then by Huang Zumin to tell you.

as far as I know, the webmaster half are not love writing. The Shanghai dragon optimization, we all know the original article on collection and PR, snapshot plays a big do. The spider is love of the original articles, the spider will according to the link, crawling to your site, collection content. To keep updated every day, pay attention to the quality of the content, so very important to enhance the user’s conversion rate. For a personal blog and enterprise station for at least 1 weeks an update of high quality articles, websites a day to update the 1-10 article. In as much as possible to write the original article, "

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