advisory services in the Shanghai dragon, often encounter 5 basic problems of Shanghai Longfeng a common problem, the most common is URL. The structural problems. Then I taught him some basic knowledge, how to help him do the right URL, is the most important problem to let him know what and how to solve it.

marked with rel=canonical yuan, but this is actually a band aid scheme. If 99% people linked to a version of the web site does not match the standard label, the search engine will ignore your label support link.


how to do 3>


. Depending on how you use them to link to web sites, or how to use them in who as the chain link to this page. If the above 6 URL or more URL can use a URL to replace the search engine, so it is easy to judge the URL uniqueness.




if your site is in a long enough time (at least 1 years), but for one reason or another, you will have to change URL. When you do this, the best way to use 301 redirect from the old to the new site to ensure that the flow will not be lost. Check whether the 301 to use webmaster tools. Figure

The normalization of . You can solve the problem of

although this sounds a bit like a wide range of Shanghai Longfeng terms, but it is not difficult to understand. Mean URL will require you to use a standardized web site and is just a web site. The most suitable corresponding to a page. For example, if there is a website in the same content but URL has several different web pages, search engines will be judged from the URL into several different pages, the result is cause to be that is the site duplicate content pages. The case of URL as follows:

the best way to solve this problem is to modify the 301, can be set on the server. Can WWW take 301 to take the WWW, or vice versa, and internal links and external links do not use /index.html to link.

transfer, change and turn to URL

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