2. and the title of the wildcard position in front of

(non wildcard);

6. for the 贵族宝贝83774351贵族宝贝/ site of peers, communicate with customers compared to extract more attractive and creative;


4. on the front to show creative style with the characteristics of creative writing;



5. with some popular words, such as "awesome";



is a targeted and creative means, click on the more accurate.



1. the title and description to ensure that 3-5 department with

1. URL modify the access to relevant pages;



;The use of more than 3. keywords root ;3. words added incentives, attractive discounts, such as : a wildcard.

creative writing skills of general

1. for PP and PPIM, the length of creative combination;

;The expression of

an attractive idea, means more people click on.

smooth.Divide the

2. to adjust the display form of URL, such as capital letters;


1. phrases, queries, etc. exclamatory sentence;

is a good idea, will improve your competitiveness in the market of

shows: the title on the left side of 50 characters 28 characters

2. letters, numbers, special punctuation! "(

account structure must be reasonable;


2. units in intranet search intention people creative writing;

creative writing is nothing more than the following:



1. product or service around the characteristics of creative writing;

: four. To attractThe use of For example, the use of



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