two: the domain name is bought, then buy website space, usually the domain name and space to choose the same company to buy, which helps maintain or convert domain names are very troublesome! Now on the Internet there are a lot of free space, while the free space is not stable, but for our customer is not Taobao to do a long normal station, what we want is a short time profit, so the space is not stable is tolerable, after all, is free, can save the province

three: select the Taobao customer program, in general we use the novice, simple is good, such as a single page of Taobao customers, and choose some free Taobao off the program, such as the crown class, if novice users such as API program, a very good space to speed, maintenance of another to understand these procedures, otherwise it is very difficult to put the Taobao API customer program fun! After all, we all began to take free stuff to practice again, so familiar, improve the skills, let’s work hard can be more powerful Taobao

Abstract: microphone Mongolia article makes people feel uncomfortable, it is precisely because the view poked human pain, let people read a really is such a feeling, then immediately forwarded.

many people often see Master in A5 Wangzhuan Wangzhuan experience inside the column, the most talked about how by Taobao customers make million experience, really let a lot of new heart, so many people want to build their own Taobao station, but their station program is not very understanding, although the related technology no problem, but if you do not understand the relevant links of the process might allow you to spend more time and money, but also not conducive to the future of the Wangzhuan! Here’s to introduce the method of how to let you spend money to do the

four: Taobao customer program selection uploaded to the space, and then the domain name, that is to built a good basic Taobao customers, if at this time to upload and analysis is not very understanding, we can seek the space business help, general analytical domain name for the space business services are easy and we can also ask them about the background settings, you will slowly can operate the domain name resolution! When the domain name after the success of your website can be accessed

‘s essay, now referred to as "chicken soup", is, as the name suggests, a seemingly "chicken soup" on the surface, in fact hidden from the text of marketing and fraud information. Although the "toxic", but it can lead to all sought after, this is undoubtedly behind the microphone Mongolia readers of the "mood" project is in place.

: apply for a domain name, nature as short as possible remember better, we can go to the new network, network and so on can also apply to A5 please apply for the general domain name is not expensive, the key is to find a good domain name application, to know that a good domain name is helpful to enhance the site’s brand in addition, in the application domain to inquire whether the domain name before taking the record, if it will take a long time to record their own personal, so this is the need to consider the

microphone Mongolia formerly known as Ma Ling, the main occupation is the editor and writer, has published works of "sage", "please makeup jade", "keep the brain at the age of five bear children taught me to do", "I love the" utilitarian "world". The most well-known microphone Mongolia began with a "good pain Jin Shengtan" the paper published in the 2010, Han Han launched the magazine "chorus" first, the witty, literary, between the lines showing on the fate of mankind sigh and care, use the words "not have sinister strength".

September 15, 2015, Amy left WeChat public, published the first article "girlfriend to you? You should be grateful, because she loves you", she then two were called "to Bitch: what do I want to help you?" and "to low force: I am not too high-profile, but your glass heart" the fans Tucao shot up hundreds of thousands, but "it hurts" Jin Shengtan "interesting" gone for ever. Bitch, bitch, dead men, Green Tea slag in the Mongolian idiot with Amy between the lines. This is the case, microphone Mongolia fans not only increase the amount of reading, with millions of fans, featuring 100 thousand +, a soft as high as about 500000, a monthly income of million is not a dream.



Mengzi opened WeChat public number Shuabing has not one or two times, its commercial value has also repeatedly been refreshed, whether it is torn and torn, once involved with Mongolia, always repeatedly hit the G-spot readers.

five: the site is left to do the promotion, for the novice, what way to use it, and every kind of promotion for the quality, of course must be good at summing up the experience in the promotion process, slowly but also learn how to analyze their own websites, such as site selection of key words appropriate, >

is from "interesting" to "toxic", and why does the essay always appear viral?

customer program!

23, Amy Mongolia once again boarded micro-blog hot search list, because the evening of 22, a "workplace does not believe in tears, crying home crying" frequently in the circle of friends scraper, this article is the circle of friends of the boss and the middle-level management personnel forward, even said the manager put the article to the working group let everyone learn.


immediately to denounce the repeatedly detonated circle of friends, a "raistlin money to your microphone Mongolia earned, the amount of reading, good she an intern what" and the microphone Mongolia has more than 100 thousand +.




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