website weight?

template is the revision of the site to the maximum extent, and even set the page structure changes. Then the site replacement template, search engines will be down right? In practice, as long as the template with the search engine index rule, at most only a few days will fall into the observation period, for the search engine cache to the latest snapshot. But the conditions and requirements: template changes, should not affect the structure of the link before, to prevent any dead link.


not all website steps may affect the weight of the website, depends on the specific modification of the content and size of float. If the website is only to modify the description description tag, according to the Shanghai LEE love is the only answer: "we encourage you to write through the description website, just too frequent revision, may not be timely feedback in the abstract." Can modify the page description and bring down the right not. So what kind of change within easy to affect the

A: make only superficial changes of template

C: a Keyword

B:TITLE of the title of the modified


TITLE and description keyword with respect to the importance of a lot worse, even in some sites.

affects the revised website weight, TITLE is a first title. After all, the title of the revision brings "the nature of the site" changes, even if there is no essential to make a revision, but the search engine is only one set of procedures, need to go through the procedure to determine the weight of listed sites in the rankings of related words. Therefore, the weight will be floating, or even improper revision will be the search engines do drop right processing in the title. So TITLE title changes must be treated with caution, and keep the small change for the best, at least not to the point of the nature of web site. This change in the request, the search engine may not make the right down, only to observe it, but if it exceeds this limit, the possibility is a serious punishment.

Speaking of the

: a revision of the influence of

The replacement of the If the

website, many people think that may be the search engines do drop right processing. But in fact, the website itself does not have a search engine drop right, and even revised proper to weight the rapid rise. The website is down right, even encounter K station is also only caused no revision. On the other hand, some people say the website needs to be gradually planning, every day instead of one or more parts, one or two months will be the site of revision is completed, otherwise easily lead to search engine drop right or K stand. In fact if it is so, the website must be gradual to? I want to say is, the website should not rigidly adhere to the steady amplitude on the progressive. Instead, try to make the site revision or step by step into a long period of observation on the The loss outweighs the gain. search engine. Why so say, following into the subject:

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