first, find the relevant forum, attention must be paid to the other rules, if a person does not look into the forum even Bangui, so do not abide by the rules is the consequence of the post was deleted, account closure. This is caused by the unstable factors in forum. I am here to illustrate the screenshots of Chinaz rules:


recently read, many webmaster wrote the article, saying as little as possible to do outside the chain of the forum, the forum outside the chain is not stable, easy to be deleted, I think people who say such things, simply do the forum link is not deep enough, do not understand the benefits of the Forum outside the chain, will jump to this conclusion. In fact, you ask yourself about the forum outside the chain is our most important link, it is certainly.

forum chain why vulnerable to us the webmaster’s favor, the most important is that it is easy to obtain, and the anchor text of great help, because you can do signature, and some forum posts can do the anchor text. The webmaster do anchor text link itself is not a lot. One of the main sources of forum signature is the link anchor text. But when it comes to how to do in the forum link is relatively stable, and included better, also will not be deleted, it must also has the skill, today I want to say is this theme.

this post is not only be deleted, and also be shielded, please don’t adjust the limit, or to engage in petty action, found the consequences will be grievous.

for posting now is to crack down on those who are not original and reproduced with their own web site, or add anchor text. The owners of the house of the membership reporting system, who discovered and reported a reward, in this regard, we see a lot of this post was deleted.

you see, the red part of the text is a very important rule, after many webmaster to enter the forum, not even the basic rules, eager to post, or go to the meaningless reply: top, passing, learning. The stationmaster net for this take a zero tolerance attitude as long as more than three such reply, your account may be dangerous, the last time I had a friend like this by the title, then constantly begged moderators, vowed never to make such a stupid mistake, only to put the ban moderator. Please learn a lesson.

there is to see the nature of the forum, don’t send irrelevant posts, believe there have been 10 several webmaster forum due to appear on the "March 19th incident" was arrested, the website was sealed, we all remember, so each big website has not issued a discussion of political events. We are the owners, not politicians, don’t speak. If you can speak, not only a threat to themselves, but also a threat to the entire web site and the moderator. So this post is certainly see is closed, will be banned forever.


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