depth analysis, Shanghai is in love with long-term

6.28 upgrade again, 7.18 outbreak. The webmaster can not afford to have patience, in this one after another, one after another under the dynamic situation, the webmaster to strive for what should be, just restore the K station so simple? Today is 6.28, tomorrow may be 7.28,8.28, the webmaster is always hovering in the passive. So the webmaster really need to fight for what, and if you go to look at the love of Shanghai.

4. Saiweng Sima,

first love Shanghai is a large company structure, he will not change the strategic policy for a small part of the webmaster and indignant, from the 2011 Taobao incident can be seen, large companies do not bow to any person or organization, because once the bow, it lost the initiative sense. So this is K off station should be the first flat mentality, the possibility of protests and organizations to restore the station almost is very small, the webmaster not by another, by criminals about thought.

2. for a game of chess

love in Shanghai webmaster feel, in the absence of any signs of large-scale K station, with 7.18 outbreak incidents rose a pole, stationmaster is the purpose is just restore the K station so simple? I personally think that the event is a good sign, I also support the webmaster, webmaster really need to reach 7.18, is let this become a fuse, to unite to all the owners, take a can and love the Shanghai exchange of rights, set up Owners Association, let love Shanghai recognized webmaster Association, let the webmaster association become a long standing and love between the Shanghai media, can not make the owners face dynamic Shanghai love to be taken by surprise even if we do not have the initiative, it should also have the right to know.

in disguise

don’t know how you have concerns the dynamics of the search engine market recently, in the upcoming third generation search engine, 360 rumors to launch its own unique search engine, although Google out of the mainland market, but the market share is still expanding, don’t fall in love with the sea in the face of the opponent will not as if fierce tigers to do what? Perhaps this K event is just a start in the second half of the year there may be more dynamic, of course, the ultimate aim is to dominate the search market, crowding out competitors, but the process and means is not you I can guess through the. We love Shanghai as in chess reaching the next disc, handsome car for the whole game of chess pawn significance as we all know, can be said to be in order to search the market, at the expense of many of our webmaster interests.

search engine is currently only 10 years of history, if he will have 100 years, so he is just a kid, still need to go through continuous reform and innovation, reform will have to sacrifice, but instead "

3. never give up, the webmaster to strive for what

1. shajijinghou, love Shanghai will not compromise

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