do not know what time the Wangzhuan term whether it is known to every family, website, search engine optimization, or write a novel, LOGO, if we work all cannot do without the word wangzhuan. Now run a few websites, profit is not good, but can maintain normal life. For this, the surrounding friends think the author is very great, I think drinking tea at home, blowing air conditioning can make money like, who would have thought I stay up late every day to write something, send the chain, for others

why do Wangzhuan feeling is a fly without head,

No foothold

early 1 with small Wangzhuan understanding of industry

The first time

how to free advertising expenditure into their income? shlf1314 just give us a free 350 yuan advertising deposit account. This account can not be transferred, two can not be directly into money. Before it was packaged in a project, but that method has been closed shlf1314, here but many presents. Practice shows that shlf1314 want to drill loopholes, it is difficult to. So the only way is to consumer advertising, through advertising to attract target customers to obtain benefits. The following is entered, summary at present several possible consumption way ad revenue.

exchange links?

if you need to use the shlf1314 itself to pay to do website promotion advertising words, congratulations to you, as long as this 350 yuan to consume you cash. Because the free shlf1314 account for you, 350 yuan, it is equivalent to you earn 350 yuan.

2 subdivision Wangzhuan industry, on the basis of.

registration failed. The main reason is the shlf1314 advertising account must have their own website, and there is a never applied for a mobile phone number account. And I don’t want to do testing their own website, because it cannot be statistical sources of income, will not be able to test the effect of advertising. Your mobile phone number second scrapped, borrowed a friend do not often use mobile phone card. But not how to do site? Fortunately I be more intelligent, thinking about 10 minutes after the thought of a solution. Test registration, shlf1314 customer service call, answer the questions, the registration is successful, advertising costs 350 yuan.

this is one of the words that I have heard the most, and the reason is very simple. Many friends are writing small articles, or send a few blessings SMS small task, such tasks, gold content, income will naturally little. One of his friends on weekdays to register a Chinese Witkey account to do the task, at least he will write the inaugural report, earn more than 200 dollars a month, which is the surrounding friends more successful cases, but this Wangzhuan sense? If it is some spare time to do list, this kind of Wangzhuan activities can accept, but if it is to rely on this scene, so this is not a reliable means of wangzhuan.

day to earn a few bucks, such Wangzhuan meaningful

itself has a demand for advertising >

2, shlf1314 for

many friends will have such a feeling, although he is now doing the website can make 2K to 3K a month, but I think their future will depend on the industry to eat for a lifetime, I feel a cold war, why? Because we do not have firm belief in this industry, in our hearts is higher a "crooked ways", not as a means of livelihood, as to why there is such insecurity? I think we don’t have an overall plan for the Wangzhuan, unlike normal workplace, I do good employees during the first year, second years as general manager of Bentou do. In fact, can do Wangzhuan planning, the author summed up the four points:


believes that this article can come in to see most of my friends are on shlf1314 ads are very familiar with and understand. But in order to take care of a small number of new friends, or to do it under the popularization of knowledge. What is the shlf1314 advertising account? It has a school named shlf1314 Adwords, simply by buying some keyword advertising, users in the search for these keywords in your ad will be shown, click users interested in advertising, you consume some advertising costs for customers. Your website to get the flow of customers at the same time, a consumer, you gain. If you do not understand, can use the shlf1314 search "lose weight", and on the right side of the link at the top of the advertisement is shlf1314.

, of course, they can not see, they still think Wangzhuan is fun, so he used his spare time on the Internet to seek for the project to do, earn extra money. But coincidentally, the surrounding friends do not have a hold over 1 months, whenever this time, a friend complained Wangzhuan not reliable, but the end is not reliable or not own Wangzhuan, reliable? Let’s put this problem aside, the author of the first analysis we often complain about the problem.


shlf1314 how to get free advertising account? Very early in fact want to use shlf1314 to do the advertising promotion, website traffic, only their own income is fairly stable, plus advertising needs to invest, so repeatedly ran aground. Until the front a former colleague told me that shlf1314 now offers advertising account to test the internal register, you can get 350 yuan fee free, and without any restrictions. I thought a rare opportunity, quickly according to the colleague to the internal address of registration.


but it can be said that the Wangzhuan industry suck? Obviously not. Your own skill so much will earn a lot of money, will write a friend is good, if you want to reach the ideal height you need to master certain Wangzhuan, others will not ability, if not the master, Wangzhuan is not suitable for you do.

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