new station on the line three months ago should not be too concerned with the content of

is not all construction sites to choose what the chicken ribs, the domain name is very important for the future development of the website. First, your domain and the main business of their own, because the search engine can determine the keywords of the domain name, also known as web site users can also according to the keywords of the main business, but here I want to say is the WWW domain name, many novice webmaster do not know with what is the difference between the domain name and WWW domain name with WWW, in fact the difference is the most direct without www>

when our website development to a certain extent will increase the corresponding part of the new plate, in order to activate the function of the website, retain more traffic, but this time many novice webmaster will encounter a problem, that is I is added with two domain names in the plate, or a column page? In fact these two methods can be, the key is the webmaster friends to choose the most suitable, the construction of column page is generally based on the master station, the weight to also belong to the main station, but the two level domain name and directory page obviously different, this is a new territory, the need to re development. But the development of space and great choice, the examination time is the only defect is long, weight is relatively lower than the main station. If your energy is limited, suggest that you make a good two level directory, there will still be Shanghai dragon forum why effect.


often encounter the surrounding friends asked me why my website is very slow, snapshot update is not timely, in order to solve this problem, these friends will intensify the construction of the chain, the hope can give the website development to bring some vitality, think he is very tangled on this issue, so for them this anxiety I also understand the mentality of a new station, but I want to say on the line shortly after should not be over valued snapshot, don’t actively do outside the chain, the most important thing is to put the construction in the website content, as long as your Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology is legal, the contents of the original and updated in a timely manner, "snapshot" is sooner or later, we do not have too much anxiety, as well as in the website launch don’t do too much the chain, etc. included later to do the chain.

Increase of With a WWW

select the domain name?The choice of the domain name ?

novice webmaster in the construction site in the process are often limited to their own experience, on some problems is not correct or know thoroughly enough, this process will lead to development of everyone in the latter part of the site is often inadequate, the author also from the grassroots webmaster step by step through, really no one to understand our guidance is very painful, since learning in this industry for several years, a little bit of experience, today I combined with the problems he had encountered tangled station to talk to you about your opinion, hope can really help you.

new plate is based on the two level domain name or column page

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