website optimization software from my start contact Xiaofeng also has almost a year, in the year of every kind of problems, so I want to talk about that in exchange Links the problem. Now in retrospect feel ridiculous, if they can be applied to some small action site optimization to the above, I think the results will be very good.

fourth is a common thing for daily work, some people will exchange page link with you, this is cheating on how. For example, you see the site is www.shopf8贵族宝贝, but after the discovery of web page into other 贵族宝贝shopf8贵族宝贝/software.html pages, they also said their highfalutin link is put in the home. The new members will be their deception.

second is the link is not connected to their own SMG software website but other sites, it is estimated most do not pay much attention to the exchange, is a website however into replaced by their own website.

Links refers to both sides also agreed to link website owners on their website and the other side of the. When the anchor text can click into the website of the other side. This is because both sides agree, so it is called "friendship" link.

now to introduce several common precautions:


fifth is equivalent to the link to jump, you see the other site with the domain name is WWW, but when the exchange and my Xiaofeng software website is another case, we must pay attention to see him for you and what you see is not the same.

third is a notorious repute link. This is what you can see on the website link but love Shanghai will not crawl, does not give you flow. I have encountered such a thing, the website of the other side than my SMG software website ranking is much higher, and the other in the I proposed to carry out the exchange links miracle promised, when I look at each other’s website code what are not what problem, but I still feel that there are tricky. When I see the second day when love Shanghai snapshot, there is no love Shanghai Links this one, love Shanghai did not flow refers to the SMG software of my website. I finally understand why others so high ranking sites will be promised their own requirements. This method is very good, I hope everyone should always take care not to let such events occur.

The first kind of

sixth is divided into two parts, to see the webmaster web content is also very normal, many webmaster habit is only browse to stop here, they have ignored the lower part of the trick. So after work should pay attention to.

is a common problem for you, is nofollow, which is known to all, Adsense is not let love Shanghai to grab traffic.

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