two, the website data analysis of

2, the quality of

from the above point of view, the station included love Shanghai and the chain are pretty good (this included enterprise station and the chain has been considered excellent). And the website response time is 88 milliseconds, the network space, the space stability is the basic guarantee. The station’s main keyword index has a plurality of more than 300, why love Shanghai flow is extremely awkward? In the author’s intuition is certainly over optimization, or is suspected of cheating.


The The low quality of the >

that can modify the product title, such as "A parking lock" can be modified for A type parking lock / parking lock "secondly, can increase the introduction of products, such as products from materials, specifications, models of weight and other aspects to introduce products. An improved page included, hit more long tail, two is to improve the user experience of the website.

I found the site included 90% concentrated in the news column below, the product section is almost not included. The station products are almost all of a picture, with a period of about 20 words to introduce get throught a thing carelessly.

has a friend advice I recently said, the hands of a 4 year old station, optimization for three months the effect is not obvious. I used to have the success or failure of the optimization of the old station case, very curious about the analysis of the station. The following are some of the diagnostic analysis.

, a basic data analysis of Shanghai dragon

included page

1, the website structure and code

The basic data of Shanghai Longfeng

suggested that can reduce the frequency of updates, such as a Monday, but need to improve the quality of the article. The best to do one or two anchor text is appropriate.

site, in the title is the keyword, and included in the search engine page similarity is too high; the content is relatively short, and not clear; the anchor text too much.

website is the website structure, and included three aspects of the chain. If the subdivision, can also be divided into the quality, the quality of the chain, the server space, friends of the chain, domain age, bounce rate and residence time. The following is some data of the station.

station is a typical navigation structure, both the two navigation structure. The author observed the keyword density and location, found that the density is no problem, is at the bottom of the site accumulated a number of key words, with links to the home page and strong bold. In general, the bottom of a pile of words and not be punished, but I still suggest that the deleted a few minor words. I view the website source code, but also H, strong and B abuse free weight label.

articles included though, but the quality is its short board, as shown below.

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