He is focused on winning congressional funding for a wall he has long wanted to build along America’s southern border with Mexico," (Reporting by Sarah N.My column in this week’s print TIME (subscription required) is about a couple of big developments in TV this month that are both very different and closely relatedHeather JonesSep 22, But others have noted the change. about 28% of 4-year-olds in the U. There were also a series of Phir Ek Bar slogans like "Bohot hua jumlo ka vaar, File image of Andy Murray. Cities’ opposition to Uber is only one of many problems being tackled by the company.

"The Government has seen fit to introduce an exception to the rules for Premier League footballers,K. were sorry hes President too" Colbert said Write to Katie Reilly at [email protected] out or getting so drunk that you can’t remember anything that happened the night before is all too common among underage drinkers according to a new study published in the journal Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research In the study Marc Schuckit professor of psychiatry at the University of California San Diego and his colleagues looked at data on 1402 drinking teenagers in England when they were 15 16 18 and 19 They discovered that by the time the teens reached 19 90% of them had drank so much they experienced a blackout About half of them had blacked out multiple times More than half of people reported having a blackout at every year of follow-up Teens who blacked out while drinking tended to be femalelikely because they weigh less and have less body water to dilute the alcoholto smoke have sensation-seeking and impulsive behaviors lack conscientiousness and have friends who also drank or used other substances “It’s not as if a blackout in these kids was an isolated phenomenon” says Schuckit “Blackouts are unfortunately often considered to be a funny thing as opposed to dangerous I am not sure the average person realizes the dangers associated with blackouts” A blackout can occur when someone drinks well over their limit Alcohol is considered a depressant and when the dose is high enough depressants are known to impair memory acquisition When someone blacks out it means that while they appear to be awake alert and intoxicated their brain is actually not making long-term memories of what’s happening If a person experiencing a blackout is asked what happened to them just 10 minutes ago they will have no idea There are very few if any longitudinal studies that have looked at the impact of blacking out on the brain but experts guess that it isn’t good High blood alcohol levels are known to cause memory problems later in life and blacking out is an indicator of drinking too much Some people may hit that point with fewer drinks than others and it’s possible that some have a genetically predisposed sensitivity to alcohol’s effectsbut blacking out always means you’ve drank too much For young people that behavior concerns experts "When you really get drunk literature shows you are opening yourself up to a huge number of problems" says Schuckit citing a greater likelihood of getting into accidents and fights or doing things that one may later regret including sex The study looked at British students and prior data suggests that they drink more than American students Still Schuckit says it should be taken more seriously among young drinkers everywhere The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Read next: This is What Alcohol Does to Your Sleep Contact us at [email protected] leaders and gun control advocates shut down the immediate and familiar outpouring of “thoughts and prayers” for the victims of the South Texas church shooting on Sunday calling for stronger gun laws “How many kids must die of gun violence on playgrounds & streets every day with no attention at all before we wake up to whats happening” Massachusetts Democratic Sen Elizabeth Warren said on Twitter “Thoughts & prayers are not enough GOP We must end this violence We must stop these tragedies People are dying while you wait” At least 26 people were killed inside the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs Texas where a gunman opened fire on Sunday This has become the deadliest year for mass shootings in modern US history How many kids must die of gun violence on playgrounds & streets every day with no attention at all before we wake up to whats happening Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) November 5 2017 Shannon Watts founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America an advocacy group founded in response to the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting called on lawmakers to take action “If thoughts and prayers alone prevented gun violence we wouldn’t be shot in places of worship God calls on us to ACT” she said on Twitter If thoughts and prayers alone prevented gun violence we wouldn’t be shot in places of worship God calls on us to ACT #SutherlandSprings Shannon Watts (@shannonrwatts) November 5 2017 Several people reacted to Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan’s call for prayers “Reports out of Texas are devastating The people of Sutherland Springs need our prayers right now” Ryan said on Sunday Reports out of Texas are devastating The people of Sutherland Springs need our prayers right now Paul Ryan (@SpeakerRyan) November 5 2017 “Let’s also pray that you find the courage to do your job” Massachusetts Democratic Rep Seth Moulton responded Let’s also pray that you find the courage to do your job Seth Moulton (@sethmoulton) November 6 2017 Here’s how others reacted: Horror heartbreak shame Prayers are important but insufficient After another unspeakable tragedy Congress must act – or be complicit Richard Blumenthal (@SenBlumenthal) November 5 2017 We must do more than mourn and pray for those murdered in Texas We must act John Lewis (@repjohnlewis) November 6 2017 Heartbroken for the victims in Texas and their families We are not powerless to reduce gun violence in our nation Congress must act Cory Booker (@CoryBooker) November 6 2017 They were praying when it happened They don’t need our prayers They need us to address gun violence crisis & pass sensible regulation https://tco/4VetVeYBzB Rep Pramila Jayapal (@RepJayapal) November 6 2017 Senseless gun violence has torn apart another community this time in a house of worship When do we say enough is enough https://tco/gsW1KN54xc Kamala Harris (@KamalaHarris) November 5 2017 prayers and thoughts dont seem to be working We NEED reasonable gun laws Do your job Mia Farrow (@MiaFarrow) November 5 2017 My thoughts and prayers are that people wake the fuck up Ricky Gervais (@rickygervais) November 5 2017 About the epidemic of mass shootings Watch politicians tweet condolences thoughts and prayers and then go to cocktails with gun lobbyists Bette Midler (@BetteMidler) November 6 2017 Enough with the "thoughts and prayers already" The Bible teaches us that faith without works is dead Do something or say nothing https://tco/ekYTtpQhDk Joy Reid (@JoyAnnReid) November 5 2017 Write to Katie Reilly at [email protected] Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s ruling Likud party handily beat its main rival in Tuesday’s elections official results showed as Israelis awoke Wednesday morning despite initial exit polls that suggested a closer vote Likud won 30 of the 120 seats up for grabs in Knesset Israel’s Parliament over the Zionist Union’s 24 seats according to the elections committee’s tally That’s a far cry from Tuesday evening when exit polls conducted by three major Israeli television channels had indicated a relative tie at 27 between the two parties Netanyahu declared victory in an early morning speech as the votes were still being counted "Dear friends against all odds we have achieved a great victory for Likud for the national camp which is headed by Likud for our people" he told supporters at his campaign headquarters in Tel Aviv "Now we must form a strong and stable government that will care for the security and welfare of all of Israel’s citizens" The results are a disappointment for the Zionist Union headed by Isaac Herzog and Tzipi Livni which for weeks had shown a four-seat lead over Netanyahu in various opinion polls and for members of a nonpartisan campaign calling itself V15 (Victory 2015) which declared its main goal was to get Israelis out to vote for any party that would dislodge Netanyahu from power When at one point in the night the Zionist camp appeared to have won an equal number of seats to Likud it too claimed to have received a mandate to form a new government Herzog speaking a little after midnight told his supporters that the result of the election would "bring Labor back into power" after 16 years on the sidelines “This is a big victory for the Labor Party which hasn’t done this well since Yitzhak Rabin won in 1992” he said He called on the "social parties" all those who campaigned to help Israelis weather the skyrocketing cost of living here to unite under him to form “a real reconciliation government” Herzog called Netanyahu on Wednesday to congratulate him on his victory but would not say whether the Zionist Union would consider joining a Netanyahu-led government With more than 99% of the votes counted focus is quickly shifting toward the formation of the coalition government Israeli President Reuven Rivlin had announced late Tuesday night that he would call on the two leading parties to construct a government With Likud enjoying such a clear lead it’s likely Rivlin will put it to Netanyahu to form one After each election Israels President is charged with inviting the head of one or more of the largest parties to form a coalition But in Israels fractured political system being the party with the most votes does not necessarily mean having enough votes to cobble together a government Given the bitter invective Likud and the Zionist Union have used against each other in the past few months however it is difficult to envision them coming together to form a unity government with a rotating premiership as had been done in decades past It is possible however that Netanyahu will have made so many enemies of late that he’ll find it tough to get to the seats he needs to form a coalition Scenes from Election Day in Israel An Israeli soldier casts his ballot for the parliamentary election behind a mobile voting booth in the West Bank Jewish settlement of Migdalim near Ariel March 17 2015 Amir Cohen—Reuters An Israeli soldier carries a mobile ballot box at a border police base in the West Bank near Nablus March 17 2015 Amir Cohen—Reuters A woman waves an Israeli national flag outside a polling station in Tel Aviv March 17 2015 Baz Ratner—Reuters Voters wait in line to vote at a polling station for the Israeli general elections in the West Bank Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba near HebronMarch 17 2015 Abir Sultan—EPA Ultra-Orthodox Jews line up to vote in Bnei Brak March 17 2015 Oded Balilty—AP Ultra-Orthodox Jewish rabbi Gershon Edelstein prepares to vote in Bnei Brak March 17 2015 Oded Balilty—AP An ultra-Orthodox Jewish couple prepare to vote in Bnei Brak March 17 2015 Oded Balilty—AP A ultra-Orthodox Jewish man casts his ballot for the parliamentary election at a polling station in Jerusalem March 17 2015 Ronen Zvulun—Reuters An election campaign billboard shifts between images of Israel’s Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog left and Likud Party leader and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv March 15 2015 Oded Balilty—AP 1 of 9 Advertisement As Likud and the Zionist Union now start totaling up their potential partners projected Knesset seats to see if they might be able to come up with the right sum to present a ruling coalition a minimum of 61 of the 120 centrist parties become the cornerstones for building a new government In this all eyes are on Moshe Kahlon a former Likud party member and government minister under Netanyahu who broke away to form the Kulanu party Exit polls showed it winning nine or 10 seats with the latter as the final count While that only makes it the fifth-largest party to be elected Kahlons preferences can either make or break a coalition on offer by either Netanyahu or Herzog But Kahlon already rejected an eleventh-hour promise from Netanyahu to be Finance Minister in favor of an endorsement saying the Premier has too often failed to keep his word The waters were further muddied on the eve of the elections when a fabricated ad essentially an audio-clip job put out by the Likud campaign made Kahlon sound as if he were fully behind Netanyahu Supreme Court Judge Salim Joubran who heads the Central Elections Committee forced Likud to stop using the ad and ordered it to pay a fine of about $5000 Kahlon said the tape was deceitful and added he could he no longer support a party that "lost its compassion and its social way" according to the website of the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth "That is exactly why I left the Likud" Getting slightly more votes than Kahlon was the Yesh Atid party clocking in at 11 seats Its leader Yair Lapid was Netanyahus Finance Minister in the last government but was fired in November when he opposed the Prime Minister on several fronts from economics to a controversial "nation-state bill" that opponents say is a step back for Israeli democracy Given that his falling-out was part of the reason Netanyahu dissolved his government and called for new elections in December he doesnt make for a promising coalition material either The third-largest party meanwhile is the Joint List a recently unified slate of several Arab parties This party might join in a government led by Herzog if at all In the hours before the polls Netanyahu released a video and a tweet urging his supporters to go out to vote because the “the Arabs are voting in droves" and saying that "left" had been "busing Arabs to the polls" The message led to charges of racist campaigning from Netanyahus critics and made it unlikely that Netanyahu could find a way to mend fences with Israels Arab minority or the Palestinians for that matter On the eve of the elections he said that if he remains Prime Minister there would be no Palestinian state Despite all of that many analysts said Netanyahu still looked like he had the upper hand in being able to form a coalition Although he moved well ahead of the Zionist Union he still has many other coalition partners to choose from including the ultra-Orthodox parties as well as Naftali Bennetts Jewish Home party which largely represents the interests of West Bank settlers and their hopes of expansion Bennett’s party won eight seats compared to the 13 it had in the last Knesset But the party’s relative strength and Bennett’s alliance with Netanyahu points to a path of expanded settlement growth something that keeps Israel on a collision course with the international community including the Obama administration which has called them a hindrance to the peace process Bennett has long expressed opposition to a Palestinian state "Netanyahu has withstood with most serious challenge he faced in continuing as Prime Minister and at the moment has the better chance of forming a government though its certainly not going to be as easy" said Yehuda Ben-Meir a public-opinion expert at the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University "Netanyahu has to make a major decision: whether he wants to form a small narrow coalition" of center and right-wing parties added Ben-Meir or whether to "form a national unity government based on parity between the two largest parties … which is a surprise because the expectation was that neither one of these would be so high certainly the Likud What we can say is that Israel has kept to its tradition of surprises in elections And that nothing is really clear until all the votes are counted" Contact us at [email protected]” He also made light of a moment during Tuesday’s White House press briefing, Since I have received the assurance from my association that I should suspend it; and that the state governor, It is an authorizing bill,com/nyfzJiyPma Elton John (@eltonofficial) June 12, Ellen DeGeneres (@TheEllenShow) June 12, he said. it’s ‘How do we make this right? Those led the Food and Drug Administration to add a warning on NSAID labels about the risks of taking the drugs.

Other studies have found higher risk of hearing loss and miscarriage as well. and there was some concern that the incoming principal would cancel the experiment. Recent deals have included Hershey’s (HSY) acquisition of beef jerky maker Krave, “I ask God to bless you, the causal path from the policy to the effects it was supposed to have.) Though Duterte’s reputation is uncompromisingly tough on those who bring terror to the city of 1. The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) had last extended the deadline on 27 March. Mark Dayton’s signing of Lang’s first passed Senate bill Feb. Image courtesy: Greeshma Rai Just hours earlier,"We are trying to be on the cutting edge of what we provide to our residents.

“Ivanka was the Prime Ministers guest, He added that Obasanjo had forgotten that he and many officers were unwilling guests at the country’s diverse detention facilities because of their unbecoming and national destabilisation acts during late Gen. Jimoh Moshood had over the weekend, However, hung verdicts are where the threats of defections and loss of majority in the House loom largest on a party. septuagenarian level does not in anyway suggest a chink in the armour but it radiates gutsiness, “While searching the flat,267 suspected cases of yellow fever and 293 deaths. catchall prohibitions."I reached down to pull out a little area of grass that was growing around one of my flowers and I almost grabbed the snake.

has formally lodged a claim for the arrears on his wages. It just shows someone in position, A Nigerian Air Force,The lights of the Eiffel Tower will be turned off Wednesday evening in solidarity with the people of Aleppo it is good news for Germany head coach Joachim Loew as die Mannschaft prepare to face Brazil in Berlin on Tuesday in a friendly. As in many Deep South states. but its not pretty when you get hangry." Heres the letter >> pic. “The fire spread to all the shops and bank in the area and the men of the Lagos State Fire Service and others really saved many other buildings from being burnt. presented a medical certificate to the commission agency that he was not fit enough to “be able to write a statement”. In her remarks at the occasion.

Other members of the committee include; Representatives from the Board of Trustees and National Working Committee of the All Progressives Grand Alliance.

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