center_img Houston, Chicago, and San Antonio have been ranked the top domestic markets for incoming movers, according to data from U-Haul. A stable economy and low cost of living attract DIY movers to these areas.These trends are determined by U-Haul’s geographical coverage that spans the U.S. The data is compiled by 1.7 billion transactions that occur annually, 45 percent of which occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day. This data states that Houston is one of the most popular cities of 2017, a position that it has held for eight years in a row, despite its 3.4 percent decline in mover arrivals from 2015 to 2016.“Houston is growing by leaps and bounds,” said Jerry Lunn, President of the U-Haul Company of Gulf Coast Texas. “In the last year, I’ve seen countless skyscrapers and condos being built.”U-Haul International reports the list of Top 50 Destination Cities every year, which is determined by the number of arriving one-way U-Haul truck rentals in a city over a calendar year. The three top cities are joined by Orlando, which dropped from third to fourth place this year, Las Vegas, Brooklyn, Philadelphia, Kansas City and Charlotte, which jumped from 14 to 10, in the top 10. The tenth position was previously held by Phoenix, Arizona in 2016, but which dropped to 14 this year. The last five spots on the list are taken by Alexandria; Memphis; Bakersfield, California and Durham, North Carolina.Movers are attracted to top cities like Houston due to the job opportunities and diverse selection of industries. Houston is the country’s number one job creator, said Gabriel Mendieta, president of the U-Haul Company of East Houston. It’s also home to 24 different Fortune 500 companies and has a low cost of living and low taxes that stretch a pay check. Sharelast_img

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