first_imgThe sheriff’s office had a warrant for Shirley Merritt’s arrest, the man on the line told her, and she needed to fork over what sounded like bond or fine money, or face at least 72 hours in jail.Merritt, from Hazel Dell, got the call Friday morning.“They identified themselves as the Clark County sheriff’s department, looking for Shirley Merritt, etc., etc.,” she said. “When the sheriff’s department’s calling, you kind of want to talk to them to see what they want.”They called Friday morning, and told Merritt she had failed to appear for jury duty, and they had a paper she’d signed saying she was notified. Merritt had been summoned for jury duty once some time ago, but was excused, and she said she never received any kind of notice recently.It seemed fishy, but she decided to play along for a bit after they told her she needed pick up a prepaid debit card. They told her to go to Rite Aid and buy a Green Dot MoneyPak reloadable debit card so she could give them the information on the back to pay up.“I say, ‘You go to a grocery store and pay a bond? Why wouldn’t you go to a bail bond place?’ ” she said.last_img

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