first_imgXL Games CEO and executive producer of Civilization Online, Jake Song, revealed a bunch of new details regarding the venerable franchise’s move into the MMO space. You may remember Civilization World, an online Facebook version of the Civ franchise that didn’t surprise anyone when it failed. It would seem Civ Online isn’t that, thankfully.In an interview with Massively, Song reveals that Civilization Online will not simply be an online version of the turn-based gameplay we all know and love (akin to those browser-based city builder games), but instead will be more of an MMORPG, where the player assumes the role of a single character within a civilization, and will help their civ progress.The game will begin with four civilizations at launch (with more added later), and players will create an avatar for a civ of their choice, aiding their civ from the usual staple of ages — from Ancient to Modern.The Civ Online world won’t be a static, persistent world inherent to the MMO genre, but will be different sessions that can be won once a civ reaches the usual victory conditions — a domination victory, achieving space travel, and so on. When a session is completed, certain character aspects will carry over, while others will reset. All of the core elements of the franchise remain intact, but will be performed differently. An example given sit that instead of just waiting to accrue resources then clicking a structure’s icon to build it, players will have to go out and collect resources, then build the structure. It wasn’t made clear how building will work — whether it’s in a Minecraft block-by-block style, or a quicker-but-boring Savage or Natural Selection style where players attack a ghosted building, helping its progress bar speed along.Instead of classes, players will choose careers (and can freely switch between them) in the vein of the usual civ citizen careers, such as researching technology, constructing buildings, conducting espionage, or going to war. Almost everything will be created by the players, from clothing and weapons, to individual buildings and the layout of an entire city. Any successful civilization needs leaders and commanders, and systems will be in place to help elect and overthrow the leaders.As for PvP mechanics, Song states that PvP will scale, and players can either go have a one-on-one brawl somewhere in the corner of the world, or can gather 100 civ-mates and try to take over a city, though the starting city will be safe. When a player dies, they will spawn in front of their town hall; there will be no corpse runs or loss of items, though there will be some penalties. The maps between civilizations will slowly open up, so you actually won’t know what level advancement a civ is currently at without running into them.Song is anti-grind, and doesn’t want it to appear in Civ Online, so that’s a relief. In that same vein, all items will either be bought from merchants or crafted, so we won’t have to deal with insanely low pop rates for a sword that drops from a rat for some reason. The team is also considering player-run, personal storefronts, ideally more tolerable than the train wreck of a marketplace in games like MapleStory.For those worried about the game, Sid Meier perused the details of the project, and gave the team his blessing. The game runs on CryEngine 3, and Song said the team is mulling over making it free to play, with no solid timetable for a release at this time.[Image credit: Massively]last_img

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