first_imgIt’s not exactly a secret that Facebook is a breeding ground for viral scams. With close to 700 million users — many of whom are unwary and not-so-computer-savvy — the social networking site provides ample opportunity for cybercriminals to hawk their (mal)wares.Most of the time, the scammy links which go viral on Facebook are designed to push users to phishing sites, where they’re shown deceptively designed ads designed to generate click-through dollars (referred to as CPA or cost-per-action scams) for their hosts. F-Secure, however, has detected a new plague which ran rampant on Facebook for an entire day before raising alerts.Unlike the cash-grabbing CPA scams, the aim of this new attack is to push malware to both Mac and Windows users via fake Likes of an equally fake video of International Monetary Fund directory Dominique Strauss-Kahn. The attack is designed to target specific locations, with users from the U.S. and U.K. currently at risk. Visiting the link from elsewhere in the world will redirect to a harmless YouTube video.So how do unsuspecting users protect themselves from this type of viral attack and stay safe on Facebook? The first step is to be on your toes and watch for posts which look out of place coming from your friends — check the language and subject of what’s been liked and ask yourself if you think that person would actually have posted it.You may also want to check out (or recommend that friends and family check out) BitDefender safego, a Facebook app which is designed to check your wall for malicious postings. Even with a comparatively small number of Facebook acquaintances, safego has captured three scammy posts from my wall since I installed it a few months ago — and it just might help you avoid malware traps while you socialize online.More at F-Securelast_img

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