first_imgBe careful when trying to catch ’em all: it might just land you in prison, as one Japanese man has learned after sharing new Pokemon with individuals online.Back in September, 27-year-old Makoto Sekiguchi from Yokohama, Japan uploaded images of still unrevealed new monsters from the latest Pokemon title, Pokemon: Black & White for the Nintendo DS. He snapped the shots on his mobile phone and the publication of the new characters preceded the game’s Japanese street date by over two weeks.Leaks happen on the Internet, of course, but what\s happened to Sekiguchi seems drastic: he was actually arrested by Chikusei City police, who were prowling the internet while on a “cyber patrol” and immediately started drawing up an arrest warrant for the infringer. What’s so weird about this case is that Nintendo or Gamefreak don’t seem to be involved pressing charges: Pokemon is big enough in Japan that the police department not only know which Pokemon have been revealed so far, but are willing to press charges against infringers themselves.As for why he did it, Sekiguchi seems guilty of only enthusiasm: “I thought I would show everyone the characters that haven’t been made public yet,” he explained in a deposition.Police are not investigating how he came to have access to the pictures at this time.Read more at Kotakulast_img

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