The Men’s EHF Cup coming to the latest stage of Main Round in which two matches before the end is still a lot of open questions. SC Magdeburg are already qualified for the Final4 as the host team, but “Gladiators” showing great performance week by week and currently are on 100% after four matches.It will be interesting to see which team will be the worst among second placed in all four groups, which means that won’t play at EHF Cup quarter-finals this season.Second placed team in a moment:Nexe 6Fuchse Berlin 6Granollers 5Silkeborg 4RESULTS AND STANDINGSGroup ASKA Minsk – Silkeborg 27:26 Magdeburg – Tatran PreSov 36:24 STANDINGS:Magdeburg 8Silkeborg 4SKA Minsk 3Tatran Presov 1Group BSaint Raphael – Lugi 28:26 Fuchse Berlin – Anaitasuna 34:23 Standings: Saint Raphael 8Fuchse Berlin 6Anaitasuna 2Lugi 0Group CFA Goppingen – Cocks 33:27 Nexe – Koper 2013 29:24Standings: FA Goppingen 8Nexe 6Koper 2013 2Cocks 0Group DGranollers – Wacker Thun 25:24 Chambery – Azoti Pulawy 28:22 Standings:Chambery 7Granollers 5Wacker Thun 2Azoti Pulawy 2 Men’s EHF Cup ← Previous Story Klaus Gärtner to overtake HC Alpla Hard Next Story → “NEW CROATIA”: Cervar makes completely new coaching staff

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