two, the website data analysis of

2, the quality of

from the above point of view, the station included love Shanghai and the chain are pretty good (this included enterprise station and the chain has been considered excellent). And the website response time is 88 milliseconds, the network space, the space stability is the basic guarantee. The station’s main keyword index has a plurality of more than 300, why love Shanghai flow is extremely awkward? In the author’s intuition is certainly over optimization, or is suspected of cheating. read more


many of the initial contact with the Internet friends are from the start of the game, an Internet entrepreneur master once said: everyone has a heart of the game, the game with a person’s life! Can not be denied, is still the hottest Internet game industry, whether the traditional network game, and now everyone touted the mobile client, have a keen game game player. So, there is no use of game cheating? The answer is yes, many people love to find the game’s flaws, so, what are the benefits to find loopholes in the game? Take the network game, the game can benefit through the loopholes, and even profits, however, this kind of vulnerability was found as early as the party official, the vulnerability gains a huge amount of words, or even to violate the law, this news is not uncommon for read more