first_imgFOLLOWING the hosting of the successful Super 16 Cup championship, Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has now turned its focus back to the preparation of its Senior Men’s National Team (SMNT) and Under-20s for upcoming and very important qualifiers.The senior ‘Golden Jaguars’ under the guidance of head coach Márcio Máximo are on a path to qualify for the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup but will have to cross two hurdles in order to punch their tickets.As a result of ending second in Group C of the 2019-2020 CONCACAF Nations League (League B) behind group winners Jamaica, Guyana will now play a two-round qualifier in a direct elimination format against the League C (Group A) winners, Barbados.Those matches will take place in March but the dates and venues are yet to be announced by CONCACAF. In an effort to be in pristine condition mentally, physically and otherwise, coach Máximo and his technical team have been putting in work on the pitch which re-started last week.He noted that along with assistant coach Toledo Wilson and staff they have been putting in work at the office, mapping out their approach for training on the pitch which takes place five days each week.Assistance is also given to the Under-20 team currently getting ready for the CONCACAF qualifying competition. On Saturdays both the senior and Under-20s train together with the direct aim of strengthening the U-20s ahead of their sojourn in Nicaragua, next month. “We have been doing our work for the Barbados games which include studying tapes of their previous matches including friendlies. Barbados will be strong opponents but I know we’ll have the condition in order to win. We’ll go with the same confidence as before by training hard.”Commenting on the role of the international players, coach Máximo informed that they will continue to use their quota of eight noting that that amount will not increase even though they might have tougher opponents to play going forward.“We’ll stick with the eight because we have the challenge of developing local players too, despite the end result. Every player is important for me, international and local; the competition to make the final team will be the same here and overseas as players work hard to make the final cut. They all have to challenge and compete against each other and the best will come forward.” A few friendly matches are being looked at to ensure the team have some competition before the March assignment.“We expect friendly matches at the end of next month to test the local players’ level of readiness for the test at hand. I want to see the players who are ready to represent us because they should prove that they have the quality to be there.”Meanwhile, GFF president Wayne Forde says his executive and members are fully behind coach Máximo and team.“The Golden Jaguars will have to dig deep during these critical qualification playoff games. There is no question about the quality of players available to us but we also have to be respectful of the quality of players available to Barbados and Trinidad. Both teams are reaching deep into their respective Diaspora reservoirs to locate players who can improve their chances of qualifying for the 2021 CONCACAF Gold Cup.Coach Maximo has done a fantastic job with the team since his appointment, in particular he has really improved the quality of the local players and I am confident that our chances of qualifying are no different than that of Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago.”last_img read more

first_img(Visited 491 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 To know the vast improbabilities, and yet to leap over them with imaginary stories – that’s deceiving the public.Suppose an unlucky soul has to win a thousand powerball lotteries to pay his debts, but tells his creditors, “Well, it could happen.” Does a person like that deserve credit? And yet our federal space agency, NASA, fully aware of the difficulties of getting life to ’emerge’ by chance, talks like that. Let’s see what an entry in NASA’s Astrobiology Magazine admits about the difficulties they face:Life relies on the intricately folded amino acid chains known as proteins for practically every chemical task. Proteins catalyze chemical reactions throughout the cell, stitch RNA strands together, transport molecules around the cell and control what enters and leaves through the membrane. A modern cell cannot be a cell without them.However, proteins pose a problem for scientists who study the beginnings of life. Present-day proteins have had the benefit of billions of years of evolution. They are highly specialized and, compared to most molecules, they are enormous. The odds of such lengthy amino acid chains forming “out of the blue” in life’s primordial soup are beyond astronomical.“Beyond astronomical.” Think of it: astronomical odds are hard enough, but ‘beyond astronomical’ is, for all practical purposes, miraculous. It’s nice of NASA to admit that, but the admission doesn’t go far enough. One must visualize analogies like “The Amoeba’s Journey” from Illustra Media’s film Origin to even begin to grasp just how ‘beyond astronomical’ this ‘problem’ is. Illustra’s animation is only for a 150-amino-acid protein, much smaller than the average length of proteins in living cells. Can anyone think of a phrase for “beyond ‘beyond astronomical’”? That’s the challenge for those who insist on limiting their scientific explanations to chance and natural law.Our unlucky soul, before being tossed out the creditor’s office door (or window), might try some fast talking. “Actually, I can imagine some scenarios where I might actually win a thousand powerballs, but I would have to start simple. I can show this in a computer simulation. In my simulation, after I win the first one, I could use my winnings to buy more tickets for the second one. The second winning ticket might be naturally selected to win the third, and the fourth, and so on. Eventually I could get to my goal step by step. Looking back after billions of years of lottery evolution, it would look like a miracle, but it was really very natural. If you just will loan me more money, I can demonstrate this with my computer simulation.” This is exactly how NASA leaps over ‘beyond astronomical’ in a single bound.To help answer these questions, Andrew Pohorille, senior astrobiologist at the NASA Ames Research Center, and his colleagues have been running computer simulations of hypothetical ancient proteins. In a paper published in the journal Life in June 2017, they detailed two unconventional protein structures that could have been useful in primordial cells.While most modern proteins are rigid, specialist molecules with complex structures, these hypothetical early proteins would have been more flexible, but less efficient and precise, Pohorille argues.“These were the handymen of proteins,” Pohorille says. “In the beginning evolution did not require the high level of precision that we have now.”Can anyone doubt that the allusion to Genesis, “in the beginning,” represents a religious speculation equivalent to a miracle? There are numerous problems with this fast-talking excuse:Do “computer simulations” substitute for physical reality? No.Do “hypothetical ancient proteins” substitute for empirical evidence in the lab? No.Do “unconventional protein structures that could have been useful” substitute for real protein structures? No.Do speculations about proteins being more flexible amount to laboratory evidence? No.Do “flexible, but less efficient and precise” proteins escape error catastrophe? No.Do any proteins we know of get built without ribosomes? No.Do naturally-produced amino acids come in single-handed forms? No.Did evolution ever not require a high level of precision? No.Does calling a protein a “handyman” endow it with powers to create handy things? No.The storyteller deserves to be tossed out onto the curb before he opens his mouth, but NASA lets him talk. Pohorille endows his “strange, new protein” that is “very unlike proteins seen in modern cells” with seemingly magical powers. Like the Cat-in-the-Hat, his magical protein cleans up all the problems just as the parents walk in the door.This strange, new protein could do an important job and remain functional despite mutations, and it was small enough that something like it could have plausibly formed on the early Earth without billions of years of evolutionary fine-tuning.Pohorille continues, talking about how ‘short’ proteins can do all kinds of wonderful things. He fails to acknowledge, though, that it can only do these wonderful things in cells with thousands of other large proteins. The most basic ‘primordial’ cell must have genetic codes, machinery to read them and convert those codes into proteins, and machines to capture nutrients and convert substances into energy. That energy must be directed for metabolism and many other functional requirements. See the basic needs of a ‘simple’ cell in Illustra’s animation, “How to Build a Cell.” His perhapsimaybecouldness index skyrocketing, Pohorille chatters on:To form a stable tunnel through the membrane, these proteins have to form a stable tunnel through the membrane that can be opened and closed to molecular traffic. The cell membrane is 18 to 20 amino acids wide; anything smaller won’t span the entire barrier. However, when Pohorille and his colleagues simulated the structures of channels formed by a 16-amino-acid-long protein called antiamoebin, which is presumably too small to span the cell membrane, they found that clusters of these short proteins could form channels of a different nature. These channels were unstable, constantly shifting, and would sometimes close and then reopen, but they were large enough to let potassium and chloride ions through, as well as water molecules.This speculation fails to recognize the role of transport proteins: to control what goes in and out.  An unguided pore through a membrane is likely to swamp the cell with useless or toxic substances, by the laws of osmosis. It would have no ‘selectivity filter’ to go against the concentration gradient. Nor would it have energy from ATP, requiring the complex ATP synthase motors, to power the channels. As a result, potassium and chloride ions and water would go the wrong way through the membrane, and the ‘primordial’ cell would quickly die. But even in his wildest imagination, envisioning short proteins with “candidate structures” able to perform a few tasks, Pohorille knows better. He knows he wouldn’t have life.“Many people think of the origin of life as a problem in organic chemistry: how to make this or how to make that,” says Pohorille. “I could give you all these molecules, and you will still not be able to make life. The essence of life is that you have a number of functions, and these functions are capable of working in concert.”This is like the debtor admitting in the end that there’s no way he can pay. And yet NASA willingly shells out more dough for him. We learn in the last sentence, “Pohorille’s work was supported by NASA Astrobiology through the Exobiology & Evolutionary Biology Program and performed at the NASA Ames Research Center and the Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center.”That’s your taxpayer dollars at work, folks. Are you angry yet? It is ‘beyond astronomical’ to imagine why anyone would give this program a penny. These storytellers deserve something far worse: shame and reproach by the scientists who respect real empirical evidence for things. Maybe even jail time for promoting fake science with taxpayer funds.last_img read more

first_img17 July 2014 South Africa has expressed its concern over the escalation of violence between Israel and the Palestine territories to Israeli Ambassador Arthur Lenk. On Wednesday, Lenk was summoned to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation in Pretoria for a meeting with Deputy Minister Nomaindia Mfeketo. Mfeketo expressed South Africa’s grave concern over the escalation of violence, which has resulted in the loss of civilian life and the destruction of property in Gaza. Israeli-Palestinian violence has flared in the wake of the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank in late June, and the subsequent kidnapping and killing of a Palestinian teenager from East Jerusalem earlier this month. Militants in Gaza have stepped up rocket attacks against Israel, and Israeli airstrikes on the enclave have intensified. Mfeketo told Lenk that the South African government strongly opposed any threat of ground invasion, and urged Israel to refrain from making utterances that could worsen the situation. The government called on Israel to immediately cease its air strikes into the Gaza Strip, to allow safe and free passage for civilians, and to make it possible for humanitarian organisations to work on alleviating the suffering of victims of the violence. Mfeketo said South Africa was opposed to any attempt to use the current situation to undermine the unity government in Palestine, whose advent was warmly welcomed by peace-loving people the world over. In addition, Pretoria demanded that the Israeli authorities lift all restrictions to the importation of building material and equipment into the Gaza Strip to enable destitute families and the Gaza administration to re-build homes and infrastructure destroyed by Israeli acts of aggression. “The South African government also demands the immediate halt to the construction and expansion of settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territories by the Israeli government, which violates international law, gravely undermines peace efforts, and threatens the viability of the two-state solution,” Mfeketo said. In response, Lenk explained Israel’s position on the conflict, and said he would convey South Africa’s message to his government. Source: read more

first_imgRelated Posts Apple just announced some major additions to its iBooks e-reader application. Most importantly, iBooks users can now read their PDF files in iBooks. PDF documents will get their own bookshelf in the application. In addition, iBooks users will now be able to write notes within the app and create bookmarks with a single click instead of having to highlight a word to create a bookmark. These new features will be available later this year. Obviously, most of this feature – and especially notes – should have been in the original iBooks app. It’s good to see that Apple is finally adding this functionality, which is already available in almost every other e-reader application on the market today.2.5 eBooks Per iPadWith regards to eBooks on the iPad, Steve Jobs also announced that Apple has sold about 2.5 books per iPad since the launch. That, of course, is far behind Apple’s numbers for iPad apps (users have installed about 17 apps per device) – though 2.5 books is not a bad number, especially given that most books are retailing for at least $10. Sadly, Apple did not disclose how many of these books were paid downloads. In total, iPad owners downloaded 5 million books so far. Jobs also stressed that publishers are telling Apple that iBooks now accounts for 22% of their e-book sales. frederic lardinois Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#Apple#web Image credit: gdgt 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

first_imgBy BEN HARRISFormer Australian referee Rick Borg said he was honoured to have a medal recognising the top referee at the 2013 X-Blades National Touch League named after him.The inaugural medal will be presented to the number one whistle-holder of the tournament at the conclusion of the Elite Eight men’s opens final tomorrow.In the past, only the leading female and male referees were recognised.This year, however, Touch Football Australia have included the Rick Borg medal as well.“I want to thank TFA and the TFA board for giving me this recognition. I’m just really stoked and humbled and honoured to have this award,” Borg said.The Queenslander began refereeing in 1989. He was Australia’s number one man in the middle from 1993 until his retirement in 2004.These days he is on the referee’s coaching panel and oversees the next generation of whistle blowers.He said returning to Coffs Harbour was special for him.“Being at Coffs Harbour on this field [field one] is where I retired so it has brought back memories and it is so great to be back here again.”He has many career highlights but there are a few that stand out.“Probably refereeing the Trans-Tasman Test Series. It is probably the ultimate goal in touch football,” he said.“I’ve been to four World Cups but there is nothing better than refereeing Australia and New Zealand.“And probably the inaugural State of Origin Series where that all-in brawl happened. That was a bit of an eye-opener.”You can keep up-to-date with all of the latest news and information from the 2013 X-Blades National Touch League in the following MediaFacebook – – (be sure to use the hashtag #NTL2013)Instagram – search for ‘Touch Football Australia’YouTube – Football Australia will be live streaming matches on their YouTube page.Related LinksRick Borg medallast_img read more

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Hakan Calhanoglu pledges commitment to AC Milanby Carlos Volcano10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveHakan Calhanoglu has pledged his commitment to AC Milan.The midfielder has been linked with a move to RB Leipzig this month.But Rossoneri boss Gennaro Gattuso has blocked the move.“I’m in Milan, I’m a Milan player and I’m happy here,” Calhanoglu told TRT Spor.“The rest is out of the question right now. I’m preparing for our match at the weekend.” last_img read more

first_imgChelsea captain Azpilicueta tells Pulisic to keep his head upby Paul Vegas22 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveChelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta has told Christian Pulisic his chance will soon arrive.While the American has been less involved of late, Azpilicueta stressed he will have a crucial part to play in the coming months.He said, “As the manager said, we are a group, we are all important on this long path, we are only in October. Sometimes the manager has to make decisions, but I see him [Pulisic] working hard in training.”What I can say is to encourage him to keep working, because we know it is a new country, a new team, a bit of time of adaption is needed. I see him with the character working hard in training, and I’m sure he will be very important for us for the season.” About the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

first_imgIndex and currency in this story: (TSX:GSPTSE, TSX:CADUSD=X) The Canadian Press TORONTO — Canada’s main stock index climbed higher in late-morning trading, boosted by the energy sector which benefited from higher oil prices.The S&P/TSX composite index was up 77.21 points at 14,494.10.In New York, the Dow Jones industrial average was up 180.44 points at 23,856.08. The S&P 500 index was up 19.45 points at 2,565.61, while the Nasdaq composite was up 46.54 points at 6,830.45.The Canadian dollar traded for 74.52 cents US compared with an average of 74.33 cents US on Tuesday.The February crude contract was up US$1.56 at US$48.16 per barrel and the January natural gas contract was down 25.8 cents at US$3.58 per mmBTU.The February gold contract was up US$5 at US$1,258.60 an ounce and the March copper contract was up 2.40 cents at US$2.69 a pound.last_img read more

first_imgLondon: Uncapped pacer Jofra Archer was the only surprise absentee from England’s preliminary 15-man World Cup squad, although he was named in the team for warm-up games against Pakistan and Ireland. After a change in residency rules, Barbados-born Archer, 24, had qualified to play for England. “The selection panel has been impressed with Archer’s performances in domestic and franchise cricket,” national selector Ed Smith was quoted as saying by BBC. “He is a talented and exciting cricketer,” Smith remarked. Archer, currently playing in the Indian Premier League (IPL) for Rajasthan Royals, will now look to impress in the warm-up games as changes to squad can be made until May 23. England will play a match with Ireland on May 3 before a five-match series against Pakistan. The preliminary World Cup squad is unchanged from the winter one-day series against the West Indies.last_img read more

first_imgNew Delhi: A Nigerian, arrested for allegedly possessing drugs, has been sentenced to 3-year imprisonment by a Delhi court for illegally staying in India since 2016 without a valid visa.Additional Sessions Judge Rajesh Kumar Singh convicted Darlington Chiemezie under section 14 (staying in India after the expiry of visa) of the Foreigners Act and said that he be deported to his country after completion of his sentence. “The accused did not claim that he had entered India on a valid visa or that at the relevant time, he had a valid visa. He also did not produce his passport,” the court said. Also Read – 2019 most peaceful festive season for J&K: Jitendra Singh”It has also been seen that even if his contention that he had come to India in 2015 on a visa valid for six months is accepted, the inescapable conclusion is that at the time of his apprehension and arrest in this case, he had no valid visa for his stay in India. He committed the offence under section 14 of the Foreigners Act and the prosecution has successfully proved this charge beyond reasonable doubt,” it said in a recent order. The court also imposed a fine of Rs 10,000 on the convict. Also Read – Personal life needs to be respected: Cong on reports of Rahul’s visit abroadChiemezie was arrested in October 2016 for allegedly possessing contraband drugs. The police claimed that cocaine weighing 104 grams was recovered from him. However, the court has acquitted him for the charges of illegal possession of contraband drugs. During questioning, he could not produce valid visa for his entry and stay here. According to the prosecution, the police had written letters to the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office (FRRO) and to Nigerian High Commission but no information could be obtained regarding his entry and exit from the country.last_img read more