first_imgMassive group fills up N.C. legislative building.Photo: NC Student Power UnionAs this article goes to print, 57 more people were arrested during the “Moral Monday” action on May 20. More than 500 came out to rally and pack the legislature in support of the civil disobedience action. Right-wing assaultThe right wing rose to power in North Carolina backed by millions of dollars primarily from Koch brothers’ protégé and ultra-conservative leader Art Pope. The multimillionaire CEO of the discount store chain Variety Wholesalers, Pope provides more than 85 percent of the funding for a network of far-right organizations pushing an agenda grounded in racist and “free-market” ideology. That agenda includes privatizing vital public services.Americans for Prosperity (which Pope funds heavily and of which he was North Carolina state chair until recently), the American Legislative Exchange Council and other national right-wing groups have also exerted a heavy influence on the right’s rise to power in North Carolina.In the 2012 election, Tea Party politicians took a supermajority in both houses of the state legislature and locked in the governor’s seat. Shortly after the election, Pope was appointed chief budget writer for the state, granting him sweeping power to more thoroughly execute his ideological vision to dismantle public services in the state. Many Pope affiliates were appointed by the governor to high-ranking positions.Since taking power, the right wing has been waging a vicious and thoroughly racist assault on basic democratic rights and has sought to dismantle and defund the public sector. The attacks are innumerable, and an exhaustive list could undoubtedly fill the pages of this newspaper.The legislature has already passed voter identification and other racist voter suppression laws, dismantled the unemployment system, attacked women’s right to choose and access birth control, cut Medicaid, enforced drug testing for welfare recipients, pushed school vouchers and other privatization measures, and proposed deep budget cuts to public education and services.At the beginning of May, the Senate unveiled a sweeping tax “reform” scheme. By their own estimates, this plan would wipe out more than $1 billion in state revenue, setting the stage for deeper cuts, and would lower or completely eliminate both the personal and corporate income tax, while raising and expanding the sales tax. Poor and working people will see their taxes rise, while the rich and corporations will walk away with dramatic tax cuts.North Carolina is one of the least unionized states in the country. Those in power here seek to smash the organizations of poor and working people altogether. Among the many pieces of legislation making their way quickly through both houses are those that would gut the state personnel act, which outlines legal guidelines, rights and protections for public employees in North Carolina; make the Jim-Crow-era ban on collective bargaining rights for public sector workers and voluntary card check for private sector workers a constitutional amendment; and ban the use of payroll deductions for city and local government workers to voluntarily contribute their union dues.The last comes on the heels of a recent victory by public workers in Charlotte and their union, UE Local 150, which won payroll dues deduction for the first time, and new organizing by workers in Greensboro.What’s the master plan?What is happening in North Carolina is not unique. While the ferocity and speed with which the right are moving is without a doubt alarming, what’s happening here is part of a broader national and international strategy by sections of the ruling class in this period of capitalism at a dead end.The type of brutal austerity that governments throughout Europe and other parts of the world have introduced is starting to make its way here in North Carolina.The cannibalization of public education and services comes at a time in which the world capitalist system is embroiled in a permanent crisis from which it cannot recover. Mass unemployment is a feature of this stage of capitalism, and this approach to dealing with the crisis is motivated by the bosses’ recognition that fewer and fewer workers are needed, rendering public education and even the most meager of public services to sustain the conditions of basic survival for the working class unnecessary.As funding to schools is slashed, funding for prisons is at an all-time high. This crisis most severely impacts people of color, women, lesbian/gay/bi/trans/queer communities, and other oppressed sections of the working class.The same approach is being taken in states across the U.S. and is largely coordinated and directed by the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC is a far-right organization made up of representatives of many of the world’s largest and most powerful corporations, along with state legislators.Through ALEC, corporations hand down bills to state legislators. Some of the most heinous pieces of legislation being advanced right now in North Carolina are identical or nearly identical to bills being introduced in other states whose roots can be traced back to ALEC.The right wing wants the Art Popes of the world and the bosses to have direct control and power over every branch of government so they can have the maximum ability to exploit our labor and divide our class.Sharpening the tools of resistanceRather than quietly submitting to the extreme conservative program being forcefully pushed through the legislature, the people of North Carolina are fighting back — just like working-class communities all over the world are standing up against austerity and political repression.Rooted in a rich legacy in North Carolina of Civil Rights and Black worker justice movements, and recalling other momentous sparks of mass resistance like the Greensboro sit-ins, these protests have served to raise anti-racist consciousness and expose the hypocrisies of the right-wing majority.These actions have also played an important role in sharpening the contradictions that exist within the right’s majority bloc.Similar to the upsurge of resistance and occupation in Wisconsin in response to attacks on collective bargaining rights, mass resistance in North Carolina has the potential to once again capture international imagination as a frontline of opposition to neoliberal excess and reactionary governance. The Wisconsin protests shook the national conscience in 2011 and stunned many who claimed that the days of militant, union-led resistance were over.While mass civil disobedience is not unheard of in North Carolina, the breadth of this fightback is unprecedented, and has served to radicalize many across the state who have never before engaged in such a level of protest. The impacts have been far reaching and have helped to bring forward new layers of resistance.While it remains to be seen how these Monday actions will affect the material reality of the working class in North Carolina, it is fair to assume that these actions have shifted the conversation on responding to reactionary attacks throughout the state. These actions have awoken a mighty struggle in North Carolina, and will hopefully serve as an inspiration to working people facing similar attacks across the U.S.Silence and inaction are no longer an option.Alsous and Carroll are members of the N.C. Student Power Union.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare thisFacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmailPrintMoreShare this North Carolina — Addressing a packed church April 28, the night before more than a dozen community members would engage in an act of civil disobedience at the state Capitol, the Rev. William Barber of the North Carolina NAACP — the oldest Black-led organization in North Carolina — spoke passionately of the historic moment of struggle North Carolina finds itself embroiled in. Listing legislative assault after legislative assault on poor and working people, he questioned the crowd in his fiery sermon: “What do we do when we are under attack?”The crowd chanted in response: “We fight; we fight; we fight!”On April 29, about 50 people, led by the Rev. Barber, marched into the state legislative building in Raleigh. Seventeen people blocked the door to the Senate chambers and refused to move until they were arrested.Student street blockade led by N.C. Student Power Union.Photo: NC Student Power UnionOnly one day later, on May Day, hundreds of students from across the state took to the streets in a march organized by the North Carolina Student Power Union and others groups. The students shut down Jones Street, the location of the North Carolina legislature, unfurling a banner reading, “We demand a future: Stop budget cuts! Stop racist voter laws! Stop attacks on workers!” Eventually five students were arrested as they attempted to enter the legislative building.Dhruv Pathak, a student at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and member of the NCSPU who was one of the five arrested, highlighted the clear class-based current within the onslaught of legislative attacks. In recorded testimony ahead of his arrest, he said, “My family struggles financially every single day. We have a hard time making ends meet, and the last thing we need is for a millionaire sitting in the General Assembly to take our financial aid away.”Within the past few weeks the numbers of those joining “Moral Mondays” protests at the state legislature have continued to swell. This wave of mounting resistance has emboldened and inspired various sectors of the left, including labor.Subsequent Monday actions led by the NC NAACP have taken broad approaches, raising various struggles and attacks on the working class and communities of color.The “third wave action” on Monday, May 13, focused on combating attacks on worker rights, was the largest action yet. More than 200 people marched into the General Assembly building, filling two floors, and nearly 50 people were arrested. Many rank-and-file workers from the North Carolina Public Workers Union, UE Local 150, and members of other unions were among those arrested, bringing the total number of arrests since April 29 to more than 100.last_img read more

first_imgNewsLocal NewsMayor demands action on former landfill siteBy admin – September 24, 2009 820 Previous articleShots fired at houseNext articleConcern at access denial to city admin Print Facebook Advertisement IMMEDIATE action at the former landfill site on the Longpavement, is being demanded by Mayor Kevin Kiely.He wants it converted into a top class recreational facility.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up Following a directive by the EU some years ago, the site was cleared of the landfill dump for the city’s litter. Currently being rehabilitated under licence from the Environmental Protection Agency, the objective is to minimise the uncontrolled spread of landfill gas and landfill leachate beyond the site.While the rehabilitation works will continue to the end of this year, it is expected that the site will be redesigned for a number of recreational activities, although to-date, no specific details have been confirmed.This week, however, Mayor Kiely said the time is now opportune to move the project ahead.“Eight years ago, I was told that we’d have a golf course and soccer pitches on the site, as well as a riverside walk, possibly a playground, seating, lighting, etc. – all of which would fit in very well with the regeneration plans we have for that area of the city – now is the opportune to move on this”.The mayor enquired about the present levels of methane gas on the site and was told by City Hall executive, Caroline Curley, that monitoring of the site had revealed that the production of landfill gas was relatively low and therefore, ruled out the possibility of generating energy.“The Environment Protection Agency licence required that a landfill gas collection and treatment system be installed on the site and to comply with this, a gas drainage membrane was placed on top of the landfill,” she said.The mayor and councillors were told that pumping trials were carried out to estimate the amount and quality of gas that would be produced.“The results from the trials predict sustainable capacity at the site until 2040, and that the landfill gas will continue to be produced at a lower quantity and quality for the following 20 – 30 years”.Explaining that while the rehabilitation work on the site will be completed by the end of this year and that monitoring will continue to ensure a reduction of land fill gas, city council says that a system, comprising vertical wells, collection pipework, pumping plant, storage tank, methane stripper and a rising main to the main drainage system will be installed.“Landfill gas will also be reduced by the placing of a liner layer and the surface water liner layer over the entire landfill body, which will prevent water going into the site.Mayor Kiely said that the recreational facilities planned for the site, when the rehabilitation work finishes at the end of this year, will be discussed at the first full meeting of the new city council, at the end of September.center_img WhatsApp Linkedin Email Twitterlast_img read more

first_img If results had gone their way, United would have started this week second in the Barclays Premier League, but now they are looking over their shoulders after dropping to fourth in the standings. After winning six on the bounce, United have lost successive games for the first time under Louis van Gaal and they will be just four points ahead of Liverpool if Brendan Rodgers’ side win their match in hand versus Hull on Tuesday. Press Association Chris Smalling hopes Manchester United’s 3-0 defeat to Everton will serve as a “massive wake-up call” to those who felt Champions League qualification was already in the bag. After West Brom’s visit this weekend, United head to Crystal Palace and then host Arsenal before rounding off the season at Hull. “We are in the final stage of the season and we must try to win each of the remaining games,” said Mata, who was substituted in the 63rd minute after a poor showing at Goodison Park. “The goal is to get four wins in the last four games of the Premier League. “We need to return all the support we get from our fans (at Goodison Park they were brilliant, once again) and we hope to do it this coming Saturday at Old Trafford against West Brom. “We all want to be in the Champions League next season and, in order to get there, we must go back to the right path with good performances and good results.” United’s chances of making the top four would decrease if Wayne Rooney were ruled out for part of the run-in. The United skipper was replaced by Robin van Persie in the 88th minute after suffering a kick to the knee. The sight of the 29-year-old hobbling off prompted fears among the United fans, but the medical staff were happy to allow the striker to travel to London on Sunday night for the PFA Awards. The England skipper did not limp and showed no signs of discomfort during the event at the Grosvenor Hotel, which is positive news for United ahead of their match against the Baggies. United, meanwhile, will announce the final details of their pre-season tour of the United States on Tuesday. For the second year running, they will play in the International Champions Cup – a 10-team tournament involving United, Chelsea, Barcelona, Porto, Paris St Germain, Fiorentina, the Los Angeles Galaxy, the New York Red Bulls, Club America and the San Jose Earthquakes. Details of the tournament’s fixtures will be revealed at a press conference on Tuesday at 3pm (BST) in New York. United took part in five matches on their tour of the US last year, but it is expected they will play fewer times this summer as Van Gaal is worried about his players undertaking the same amount of travelling. The International Champions Cup takes place from July 11 to August 5 although it is unlikely that United will stay to the end as the Premier League starts on August 8. Smalling agreed with Van Gaal’s assessment that United lacked aggression from the first whistle and he wants an instant response from his team-mates on Saturday when West Brom come to Old Trafford. “This is a massive wake-up call for us,” the United defender told MUTV. “Right from the first minute we were off the pace and they had a pressure that we usually have. “We haven’t been the second-best team in games this season, even when we’ve lost, we’ve always had that aggression and those tackles but on Sunday we were far from it. I think we’ll see a different Manchester United next Saturday against West Brom. “We’ll make sure we learn from this, the fans deserve a lot better.” Smalling’s team-mate Juan Mata echoed Smalling’s thoughts. “We can’t afford another game like this one,” the Spaniard wrote on his blog. Mata has challenged his team-mates to secure a Champions League place in the coming weeks by winning all four of their remaining games. last_img read more

first_imgNew Delhi: Jimmy Neesham had acquired a reputation as a big-hitter in the domestic Twenty20 circuit. Such was his ferocity of hitting that whenever he hit an aggressive knock, people would say, “Unleash the Neesh”. In the first ODI of 2019, Neesham provided magnificent fireworks in the first ODI against Sri Lanka at Mount Maunganui. Such was his devastating batting that had there been some more overs to spare, he would have broken the record for the fastest fifty ever in ODIs. However, his late-hitting blitz propelled New Zealand to a massive score of 371/6 as they looked to take a 1-0 series lead in the three-match series against Sri Lanka.Martin Guptill’s blazing 14th century and Kane Williamson’s 76 helped New Zealand lay a solid foundation for a big score. Guptill became the fifth New Zealand player to go past 6000 runs and he also went past Brendon McCullum’s tally of runs to end up as the fourth highest run-getter for his side in the ODI format. Following Guptill’s dismissal, New Zealand looked to have their momentum stalled as some tight bowling by the Sri Lankans gave them hope that they could pull it back. Enter Jimmy Neesham and he changed the complexion of the game totally.Read More | Guptill enters special club, goes past 6000 ODI runs for New ZealandAfter taking three runs off two balls in Lasith Malinga’s final over, Neesham decided to go after Thisara Perera in the 49th over. Mount Maunganui witnessed carnage. The first ball was blasted over deep midwicket for the first six while the second ball was launched over long on for a second six. Neesham achieved a spectacular hat-trick by slicing a full ball down the ground for a third six. The fourth ball also disappeared into the grass banks again and it seemed Yuvraj Singh, Sir Garfield Sobers and Herschelle Gibbs would soon have company.Read More | Kapil Dev hails Indian cricket team’s current crop of fast bowlersPerera felt then pressure and he bowled a waist-high full toss which was clobbered for a couple. The fifth legitimate ball was also mauled out of the ground and the 97-meter six landed on the roof of the long on stand. However, Perera finally nailed the yorker properly as Neesham managed just a single as 34 runs were hit in the 49th over. In the final over bowled by Nuwan Pradeep, Neesham hit a couple of braces before ending the innings in style with a glorious inside-out six over wide long off. His 47 off 13 balls helped New Zealand end on the ultimate high.If Neesham had achieved six sixes in an over, he would have been the second batsman to achieve this in ODIs, with Gibbs hitting six sixes off Dan van Bunge against Netherlands in the 2007 World Cup in West Indies. Ravi Shastri and Sobers hit six sixes in First Class cricket while Yuvraj Singh hit six sixes in one over bowled by Stuart Broad in the World T20 match against England in Durban. His fifty off 12 balls remains the fastest-ever in the shortest format of the game. For all the Latest Sports News News, Cricket News News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

first_imgWORCESTER, ENGLAND – JULY 05: Former West Indian fast bowler Winston Davis, look on during day three of the Tour Match between Worcestershire and Australia at New Road on July 5, 2013 in Worcester, England. (Photo by Ryan Pierse/Getty Images) Former West Indies fast bowler Winston Davis was honored by members of the current team during a special event staged on his behalf on Friday night. Wheelchair boundThe former St Vincent & Grenadies, and Windward islands, captain has been wheelchair-bound since an accident nearly two decades ago. He now lives in the United Kingdom where he played county cricket during his career. Wonderful memories“I want to thank the West Indies team for what they have done for me tonight. Seeing them is great and brings back those wonderful memories of when I played and represented the people of the Caribbean,” said Davis. The event was organized by Steve Stephenson a stalwart in the West Indian community in the U.K and staged at a local cricket club. “I urge you to keep working hard and I know we will see many more performances like we saw in that match.”center_img Also in attendance was Ron Headley, a former West Indies top order batsman and son of cricket icon George Headley. “I also want to congratulate them on the fantastic win in the recent second Test in Headingley. That was a magnificent performance and filled all of us with joy. Davis was a member of the all-conquering West Indies in the 1980s under the captaincy of Clive Lloyd and then Viv Richards.He played 15 Tests and 35 One-Day Internationals and is best remembered for his remarkable seven for 51 against Australia in 1983, which remain the best figures by a West Indian in ODIs.last_img read more

first_imgThe F1 2019 schedule reaches its 10th race of the season Sunday, the British Grand Prix in Northamptonshire, England. ESPN2 returns as the TV channel that will broadcast this weekend’s Formula 1 race, with a start time of 9:05 a.m. ET on Sunday. The British Grand Prix also can be live streamed via the ESPN app.The British Grand Prix in 2019 returns to the iconic Silverstone Circuit (where it will stay for the next five years). The 18-turn, 5.891-kilometer course hosted the first ever Formula 1 World Championship round back in 1950 and remains one of the fastest tracks on the F1 schedule. Sunday’s British Grand Prix is scheduled for 52 laps and a total distance of 306.198 kilometers. This will be the 70th British Grand Prix, making it the race with the most appearances in F1 history over the Italian Grand Prix (69). 2. 6. 9. 15. 7. 13. 20. 17. MORE FORMULA 1: Full 2019 Grand Prix scheduleFerrari — and Sebastian Vettel in particular — is desperate to break through with the team’s first win of the 2019 F1 season, especially after Red Bull’s Max Verstappen became the first non-Mercedes driver to win a race this year with his victory in Austria two weeks ago. Vettel, who is battling through the longest winless streak of his F1 career, won the British Grand Prix last year.Even so, Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, the leader in F1 points standings, will be the favorite to win the 2019 British Grand Prix. Vettel’s win last year broke Hamilton’s record streak of four consecutive victories at Silverstone. Hamilton is looking for his sixth career British Grand Prix win, which would be a new record for this race.Hamilton is coming off a season-worst fifth place finish in Austria, but he has not missed out on a podium in back-to-back races since 2017.Below is all you need to know about the 2019 British Grand Prix, including how to watch and live stream the race.F1 2019 British Grand Prix start time, how to watchDate: Sunday, July 14Time: 9:05 a.m. ETTV channel: ESPN2Live stream: ESPN appF1 TV schedule, live stream for British Grand PrixAs it has in years past, in the United States, ESPN will broadcast Sky Sports’ presentation of all 2019 F1 races.Below is the TV and live streaming schedule for British Grand Prix practice, qualifying and race presentations on ESPN platforms Friday, Saturday and Sunday.Friday, July 12EventStart timeTV channelLive streamPractice 14:55 a.m. ETESPN2ESPN appPractice 28:55 a.m. ETESPNUESPN appSaturday, July 13EventStart timeTV channelLive streamPractice 35:55 a.m. ETESPN2ESPN appQualifying8:55 a.m. ETESPNEWSESPN appSunday, July 14EventStart timeTV channelLive streamPre-race show8:30 a.m. ETESPN2ESPN appRace9:05 a.m. ETESPN2ESPN appRace (re-air)6 p.m. ETESPNEWSN/ARace (re-air)1 a.m. ET (July 15th)ESPNEWSN/ABritish Grand Prix qualifying results, starting lineupF1 qualifying for the 2019 British Grand Prix is scheduled to take place Saturday, July 14 at 8:55 a.m. ET and will be shown live on ESPNEWS and the ESPN app.Fun fact: The next driver to secure a maiden career pole position will be the 100th different driver to do so in F1 history. 18. 19. 4. 11. 5. 8. 3. 16. 10. 14. 12. The F1 qualifying results and starting grid for the 2019 British Grand Prix will be posted upon completion of Saturday’s session.Pos.DriverCar/team1. British Grand Prix facts, notesF1 Opta facts:This will be the 70th British Grand Prix, breaking a tie with the Italian Grand Prix as the race with most appearances in F1 history.Hamilton’s four British GP wins in a row from 2014-17 marked one of the two best runs in this race’s history alongside the four consecutive wins recorded by Jim Clark from 1962-65.Hamilton has a chance to record his sixth British Grand Prix, more than any other driver in the race’s history (tied at five with Clark and Alain Prost).Hamilton not only has taken the most British GP pole positions ever (six), but the five-time F1 World Champion also has a chance to take his fifth consecutive pole in Great Britain.Mercedes is one pole away from equaling Williams as the team to have taken the most pole positions in a row at the British GP (seven) — Hamilton five times and Nico Rosberg in 2014.Ferrari needs 19 points at the British Grand Prix to be the first team to collect 8,000 points in F1.The two Ferrari drivers, Vettel and Charles Leclerc, have finished between second and fifth in each of the opening nine races in 2019 (except Leclerc’s retirement in Monaco).The two Williams drivers, George Russell and Robert Kubica, are the only drivers who have failed to earn points this year; Russell’s 15th in Bahrein, Azerbaijan and Monaco are best finishes this season.After Verstappen’s win in Austria, a Honda engine could win two Grand Prix races in a row for the first time in F1 since 1992, when Ayrton Senna (Monaco) and Gerhard Berger (Canada) won back-to-back for McLaren.Bottas is one win away from securing as many races wins in 2019 as in the rest of his F1 career combined (three, all in 2017).Vettel has gone 17 Grand Prix races in a row without winning (excluding retirements), the worst such run in his F1 career.If Leclerc wins the British Grand Prix, he will become the third-youngest driver to win a race in F1 (21 years, eight months and 28 days), after Verstappen and Vettel.Verstappen could win back-to-back races for the first time in his F1 career.Without retirements, Renault’s Daniel Ricciardo is one Grand Prix away from equaling his five finished races without collecting points in his five seasons for Red Bull combined.McLaren’s Carlos Sainz has a chance to record the 100th F1 podium for Spanish drivers (Fernando Alonso with 97, Pedro Martínez de la Rosa and Alfonso de Portago).McLaren’s Lando Norris has collected points in each of the last two F1 races — ninth in France and sixth in Austria — the best run in his first F1 season. His sixth in Austria was his best place in a single GP (alongside Bahrein).British Grand Prix: Live updatesF1 British Grand Prix live updateslast_img read more