first_imgNowadays you can’t open your newsfeed without seeing a retro product revival. This year has been especially great for beverages, and while it is great to get another crack at long-gone products like Ecto-Cooler and Crystal Pepsi, thousands of other tasty treats from our childhood only exist on the shelves of our memories. This is a real shame because taste and smell can be powerful triggers of memory. Just think how many of our positive childhood memories are tied to the sweet treats we received.No matter what the generational label, a lot of a child’s universe revolves around a sugary axis. So let’s take a look back at some of the candy from our youth that we will most likely never see again. Perhaps just seeing their photos and commercials will help unlock some wonderful memories. The Reggie Bar1/11The Reggie Bar was hardly a bar. Instead it was a circle of peanuts dipped in caramel and smothered in chocolate. While the Reggie only lasted from 1976 to 1981, you can find a similar confection in stores now. Just look for Pearson’s Bun Bars.<><> While we don’t currently have access to any of these wonderful candies. We can always hope or look for similar tasting alternatives. So keep scanning those shelves, and if you are feeling particularly nostalgic, take to social media and let those candy companies know on what you are willing to spend your adult dollars.You might scoff, but a delicious candy that would have made this list up until recently was the “Bonkers” fruit chew. That changed when the brand magicians at Leaf announced that Bonkers would soon be back in production. Now let’s just hope they revive those memorable commercials.last_img read more